Pass Assurance & Money Back Guarantee

At Practice Tests Academy, we are very confident that our high quality products will help you to pass your CIMA exams. We appreciate that your purchase is a commitment to us (that you will devote enough time to go through our product) and from us (that you will succeed in your CIMA exam).

In fact, we have so much confidence in our products, we offer the following:


Pass Assurance - If you use one of our products to prepare for your CIMA or ACCA exam and are unlucky with your final result for that paper and it's within your subscription period, we will prolong your access to the tool for 6 months and will keep doing so until you pass your exam. 

Drop an email to with a picture of your failed score and we will prolong it from the date of your failed exam for 6 months.


7 Day Money Back Guarantee - We strongly believe in the quality of our products. However, if for any reason you don't like what you see AND you have consumed no more than 10% of all the material, drop an email to and we will refund you your money. 

We want you to be certain that you've made the right choice and we trust you will take it as a form of good-will and that you will not use this feature maliciously. We can monitor all progress from the back-end of our tool. 

*We do not provide Money Back Guarantee for our One Day Passes, Single Mocks, or highly discounted products (30% discount or more).

Kaplan Products

Kaplan Publishing manages the delivery of their products (physical delivery or granting access to their secure platform). We do not provide a money back guarantee or pass assurance on these products.

BPP Products

We do not provide a money back guarantee or pass assurance on these products.

Conditions that apply for the Pass Assurance:

  • The name of the student who bought our product has to be the same as the person who took the exam. Please scan (or take a photo of) the result and send it to us via email -
  • The paper the student purchased the product for must be the same as the one they failed.
  • PTA will not prolong access for students who have not attempted the exam during their subscription period. However, we do offer a 50% discount for current subscribers to prolong / renew access on courses/packages. (Update 20.06.2018)
  • Access to the specific package will be prolonged for the duration of the subscription period and from the date of your failed exam.
  • If the student has already had an extension based on a failed exam, they are eligible to get another extension provided that they attempted and failed the exam he/she had a subscription for, within that extended period.
  • In case of getting sick with Covid, we can prolong your access if you send us a doctors certificate confirming you have had Covid-19. (Update 01.06.2021)
  • If Practice Tests Academy stops providing services for a specific topic, Pass Assurance will no longer be eligible.
  • Practice Tests Academy may withdraw the Pass Assurance at any time in its sole discretion. Any such withdrawal shall not affect students who have purchased any CIMA or ACCA package at any date prior to withdrawal. Such students will continue to be eligible for the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee and Pass Assurance.
  • If you have breached, or are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions, you will not be eligible for the Pass Assurance.

Further specifics for CIMA or ACCA OT exams

  • The student must have used a satisfactory amount of Practice Tests Academy's product; they attempted at least 50% of the questions purchased (for OT papers). 

Further specifics for CIMA Case Study exams

  • The student must have used a satisfactory amount of Practice Tests Academy's product. Satisfactory means that at least 2 mocks and watched the preseen analysis videos.
  • When qualified for our pass guarantee, you must sit your exam when the next official case study exam window opens or you will not be able to use this guarantee for later case study windows (unless you fail the following one).
  • Please note, our marking service or 1:1 tuition is not included in our pass guarantee. If you have a premium package that includes a marking service or 1:1 tuition, which you have already used, then it will not be included but it can be purchased as an add-on. 

Conditions that apply for the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee:

  • The request for a refund has to be submitted by email to within 7 calendar days from your purchase.
  • The money will be refunded in full to the PayPal account or Credit Card that you used to make the purchase.
  • Practice Tests Academy will not be able to reimburse you if you have selected an offline payment.
  • Our guarantee does not apply to products that were discounted by more than 30% (e.g. MCS promotions days prior to the exam).
  • You can only claim money back if you have consumed no more than 10% of the purchased product.
  • Practice Tests Academy does not provide partial reimbursements for any products. (Update 11.12.2017)
  • Please let us know the reason for your refund request. This way, we will know what we can improve on in the future.
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