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PTA is an efficient and commendable online platform providing everything you need to get your CIMA certification as conveniently as it ever will be. Whether it is CIMA objective test or Case Study Exam, we got you covered! We offer various packages so you can choose as per your preferences.

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PTA is a one-stop solution for all your CIMA exam worries!

Full video courses, integrated question banks, mocks, and much more. You name it, we have it.

Plenty of satisfied students

PTA has more than 25k happy customers who used PTA to nail their CIMA exam and the number is increasing day by day.

Puzzled at some point? Ask our tutor!

Our tutors are always available for your help and support. In case you need to ask a question personally, we are always here to guide you.

Biggest Question Bank

We knew what is exactly missing from the market and we delivered it. Offering the biggest Q bank so you can practise as much as you want and achieve your desired results.

Money-back and pass assurance

We make sure that you will pass the exam with our platform’s help. If in any case you’re not satisfied, we guarantee your money back as well.

Winning global trust since forever

As an accredited online CIMA tuition provider, we have gained the trust and confidence of our thousands of precious customers around the globe which is our biggest achievement.

PTA delivers everything you need for your CIMA exam. We specialize in delivering mock exams, practice kits, and complete video courses prepared by our expert tutors. Get PTA to excel in your CIMA exam and you won’t regret it!

  • For Objective Tests
  • For Case Studies

Video lectures to grasp the theory instantly

The complete on-demand course gives you the best of both worlds, combining the structure of a tutor-led course with the flexibility to study however you like. Watch and learn on the go with our concise and to-the-point video lectures.

We know your time is precious and hence we have designed only 15-30 minutes short video lectures. While not dwelling on the topics, we make sure you absorb everything with end-of-chapter questions, downloadable summary notes, and flashcards.

Question Bank to test your knowledge

We offer the largest question practice platform including more than 600 questions in the question bank but that's not it, PTA also provides mocks based on your selected package, extra end-of-chapter, and revision questions as well.

We take pride in our blended learning concept including intermixed questions and timed mocks so you can reinforce your knowledge with time constraints.

Mocks to give you real exam experience

With our team of professional tutors on board, we have prepared 5 high-quality mocks to give you enough timed practice before the exam.

Furthermore, our expanded functionality enables you to build your mocks based on your performance and time. In addition to all this, our collaboration with Kaplan and BPP permits students to have two bonus mocks as well. As intuitive and personalized, as it can be!

Video lectures for case studies

With our one-of-a-kind case study exams, you will be able to apply the knowledge you previously learned. Needless to say, a revision of all your concepts, but don’t get overwhelmed as our talented tutors have gone through each paper in depth to record precise video lectures so you can learn only what you need to.

Want to know more about case studies?

Well, case studies are real business scenario situations you will receive before every exam. These detailed documents need to be thoroughly analyzed as they describe a scenario of a fictitious company where you are employed.

PTA got your back! We have appraised them all for you, highlighting the main pillars in the lectures. While going deeper into the E, P, and F threats and opportunities, we have focused on important points at the same time and have skipped the clutter to help you grasp it quickly.

Mock practice is what you need!

We all know how crucial is writing practice for any case study exam. PTA offers the right mix of writing practices and mocks for you to adapt to the test format and familiarize questions.

Moreover, our team of dedicated tutors has prepared 5 scenarios for each mock targeting the issues that occur in exams. Lastly, we provide two bonus mocks as well, all thanks to BPP!

Tutor support to solve your queries!

We all get confused and things don't make sense at times and that is why we extend tutor support to you. Whether you are stuck on a lengthy theory or want clarifications, our tutors will assist you in clearing your concepts. They will check your performance to provide personalized feedback for scaling up your preparation.

Providing extra help every inch of the way!

We go the extra mile, so you don't have to. Our ultimate package offers 3x personal 1:1 calls with case study tutors. You can ask anything and clear out your confusion!

Elevate Your Finance Future with Top-Tier CIMA Tools

Unlock Success with Expertly Crafted Study Kits, Mock Exams, and Video Courses Tailored for CIMA Excellence

CIMA Certificate level
Certificate level

Prepare for CIMA's BA level with our comprehensive resources. Access mocks, practice kits with 500 questions, and revision kits with extra qs and mock exams. Master concepts with theory summaries and flashcards for exam readiness.

CIMA Operational level
Operational level

Ace E1, F1, P1 with our all-inclusive resources. Gain access to mocks, practice kits with 600 questions and comprehensive video courses. Elevate your preparation with summary notes, revisions, up to 8 mocks. Check out our OCS complete course.

CIMA Management level
Management level

Excel in E2, F2, P2, and MCS with our comprehensive tools. Unlock mocks, practice kits with 600 questions, and immersive video courses. Enhance readiness with summary notes, revisions and up to 8 mocks. Explore MCS complete course for optimal preparation.

CIMA Strategic level
Strategic level

Master E3, F3, P3, and SCS with our tailored arsenal. Access mocks, practice kits featuring 600 qs, and enriching video courses. Bolster your readiness with summary notes, revisions, and up to 8 mocks. Dive into our SCS complete course for an unparalleled exam preparation.

CIMA Study Notes
Study Notes

Enhance your CIMA journey with our captivating summary notes, meticulously crafted to aid retention. Dive into visually enriched materials, including chapter summaries and illustrations, tailored for your success. Order now and elevate your exam preparation experience for just £15.

CIMA Kaplan and BPP ebooks
Kaplan and BPP ebooks

Elevate your CIMA journey with our curated selection of official Kaplan and BPP books. Explore comprehensive resources tailored for success, from detailed coursebooks to practical practice and revision kits. Access discounted prices and streamline your preparation today.

CIMA Certificate level Mocks
BA Mocks

Enhance your CIMA exam preparation with our mock exams. Perfect for refining understanding, mastering time management, and conquering exam nerves. Available in convenient 1 or 3 mock packages for any BA paper, starting at just £9.

CIMA Certificate level Practice Kits
BA Practice Kits

Maximise your success potential with our BA Practice Kit. Dive into 500 exam-style questions tailored to any BA paper. Additionally, access up to 5 mock exams. Each kit includes theory revision summaries and flashcards for effective study. Get ready to excel!

CIMA Certificate level Practice and Revision Kits
BA Practice & Revision Kit

Prepare confidently with our comprehensive Practice and Revision kit. Get ready to excel with this comprehensive package, featuring 500qs question bank, 6 mocks + 125 revision qs with theory and optional official Kaplan study text.

CIMA Certificate level Kaplan ebooks
BA Kaplan ebooks

Discover official Kaplan CIMA BA study materials at discounted rates. Access ebooks study texts, exam packages, and revision cards. All orders managed directly by Kaplan.

CIMA Certificate level BPP ebooks
BA BPP ebooks

Explore discounted BPP CIMA BA coursebooks and practice kits directly on our website. Elevate your BA exam preparation with comprehensive materials tailored for success.

CIMA Operational level Mocks
E1, P1 & F1 Mocks

Revamp your CIMA prep with our mock exams. Ideal for honing comprehension, acing time management, and calming exam jitters. Explore our 1 or 3 mock packages tailored for Operational Level papers, starting at an unbeatable £12.

CIMA Operational level Practice Kits
E1, P1 & F1 Practice Kits

Maximise your success potential with our Operational Level Practice Kit. Dive into 600 exam-style question bank tailored to your needs. Additionally, access up to 5 mock exams. Prepare thoroughly for your upcoming CIMA exams and excel! Prices start at £55.

CIMA Operational level Courses
E1, P1 & F1 Course

Revolutionise your skills with our immersive video course. Access comprehensive theories, practise extensively with our question bank, and test your knowledge with up to 7 simulated exams. Optional revision module available. Prices starting at £159.

CIMA Operational level Study Notes
E1, P1 & F1 Study Notes

Enhance your understanding with visually rich study notes featuring concise summaries and highlighted key concepts. Downloadable and printable.

CIMA Operational level Kaplan ebooks
Kaplan E1,P1 & F1 ebooks

Access the complete set of Kaplan's CIMA Strategic Level ebooks, including study texts, practice kits, and revision cards. 12-month online access.

CIMA Operational level BPP ebooks
BPP E1,P1 & F1 ebooks

Find discounted BPP CIMA Operational Level coursebooks and practice kits conveniently on our website. Start streamlining your CIMA journey today!

CIMA Management level Mocks
E2, P2 & F2 Mocks

Elevate your CIMA strategy with our mock exams. Crafted to fine-tune understanding, optimize time management, and conquer exam anxieties. Choose from 1 or 3 mock packages tailored for Management Level papers, starting at just £12.

CIMA Management level Practice Kits
E2, P2 & F2 Practice Kits

Enhance your preparation with our Management Level Practice Kit. Delve into 600 exam-style question bank tailored to your requirements. Additionally, access up to 5 mock exams. Equip yourself thoroughly for CIMA success! Prices start at £55.

CIMA Management level Courses
E2, P2 & F2 Course

Elevate your understanding with our dynamic video course. Dive deep into theories, reinforce learning with over 1100 practice questions, and combat exam nerves with up to 7 realistic mock exams. Personalised support included. Prices starting at £159.

CIMA Management level Study Notes
E2, P2 & F2 Study Notes

Unlock visually engaging study notes highlighting key concepts essential per chapter for Management Level exam mastery. Downloadable and printable.

CIMA Management level BPP ebooks
BPP E2, P2 & F2 ebooks

Uncover discounted BPP CIMA Management Level coursebooks and practice kits available directly on our site. Begin simplifying your CIMA journey now!

CIMA Management level Kaplan ebooks
Kaplan E2, P2 & F2 ebooks

Unlock Kaplan's comprehensive CIMA Management Level ebooks, featuring study texts, exam kits, and revision cards. 12-month online access.

CIMA Strategic level mocks
E3, P3 & F3 Mocks

Optimise your CIMA Strategic level prep with our mock exams. Tailored for comprehensive comprehension, polished time management, and supreme exam confidence. Select from 1 or 3 mock packages, starting at an exceptional £12.

CIMA Strategic level practice kits
E3, P3 & F3 Practice Kits

Empower your preparation with our Strategic Level Practice Kits. Explore 600 exam-style questions tailored to your level. Additionally, access up to 5 mock exams. Prepare for your CIMA exams and achieve excellence! Prices start at £55.

CIMA Strategic level courses
E3, P3 and F3 Course

Empower your mastery with our comprehensive video course. Explore advanced theories, hone skills with extensive practice questions and up to 7 realistic exams. Enjoy personalised guidance and a risk-free journey. Prices starting at £159.

CIMA Strategic level Study notes
E3, P3 & F3 Study Notes

Dive into visually enriched study notes, offering concise summaries and highlighted key concepts. Accessible in downloadable and printable formats.

CIMA Strategic level BPP ebooks
BPP E3,P3 & F3 ebooks

Discover discounted BPP CIMA Strategic Level coursebooks and practice kits exclusively on our platform. Start optimising your CIMA journey today!

CIMA Strategic level Kaplan ebooks
Kaplan E3, P3 & F3 ebooks

Access Kaplan's official CIMA Strategic Level ebooks, including study texts, practice kits, and revision cards. Enjoy exclusive discounts and 12-month access.

CIMA Case Studies Essential Courses
Essential Course

Comprehensive preparation solution for Operational, Management, and Strategic levels. Includes OT revision, thorough preseen analysis, 15 writing tasks, and 3 professionally written mocks tailored for Case Study success. Available for just £139.

CIMA Case Studies Advanced Courses
Advanced Course

Comprehensive video courses, thorough revision materials. Access Preparation Series, OT Revision Videos, Preseen Analysis, Writing Practice Tasks, 5 Mock Exams + 1 marking service, and Supplementary Videos covering key areas. All for just £199.

CIMA Case Studies Master Courses
Master Course

Maximise your preparation, including in-depth video courses and tailored revision materials. Benefit from 5 mock exams with solutions, a bonus BPP mock, 3 professional mock marking services, and focus packs based on past exam qs - for only £249.

CIMA Case Studies Ultimate Courses
Ultimate Course

Elevate your preparation, featuring comprehensive preseen analysis and writing practice tasks, 7 mocks, 5 expert mock marking services, and a dedicated tutor support with 3 personal online lessons and email support. All that for £369.

CIMA Case Studies Revisions
Revision Course

Dive into comprehensive OT level revision with our tailored package. Master theory with 3 concise video modules (E, P & F paper) and downloadable PDF revision notes. Enjoy 6 months access and expert tutor support for a winning edge. Price is £59.

CIMA Case Studies Mocks
Case Study Mocks

Boost your CIMA OCS exam skills affordably with our Mock Exams. Choose from individual mocks or a value-packed set of 3 for focused practice. Benefit from expert solutions and ensure readiness for the current exam sitting. Prices start at £30 for the current sitting.


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While Practice Tests Academy’s study material and product feature undoubtedly outshine the rest of the market, I love how it adds value to students’ CIMA exam journey which may seem daunting otherwise.

We are striving to amplify the value of our courses so you can boost your career by getting CIMA certification.

The ways we have delighted our customers are noteworthy and we take pride in it.

As a part of the game for many years, I would recommend getting PTA’s help for a meaningful and immediate upgrade.

The ways we have delighted our customers are noteworthy and we take pride in it.

As a part of the game for many years, I would recommend getting PTA’s help for a meaningful and immediate upgrade.


CEO and Founder of Practice Tests Academy



CEO and Founder of Practice Tests Academy