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study mode
study anytime, anywhere
instant feedback
no time limit
a test for each syllabus part
500+ high quality questions




exam simulator
1 mock with 60 unique questions
unlimited mocks with randomized 60 or 30 questions 
feedback after completion




be successful
progress in your career
land a job you want
enjoy your time

What is Practice Tests Academy?

Practice Tests Academy provides high quality online practice tests for CIMA students around the world. We've noticed what was not working after the implementation of the new syllabus and  decided to fix it.  Our team of CIMA professionals aims to deliver the best possible products at the best price. Our products have passed series of tests and quality control to make sure you have higher chances of passing your CIMA exam on your first try. 

The preparation for your upcoming CIMA exams has never been so easy and pleasant. We guarantee that our materials are original and offer unbeatable quality and price. Just check our free demo and you will see yourself.

Our mission is to help every CIMA student pass his exam. We are confident that our practice tests will get you the results you want, therefore we offer Pass Assurance. You can have access to your tests for as long as you need them, just let us know and we will extend it.

We also provide you with tonnes of useful tips, articles and other resources via our blog or newsletter.

If you want to pass your exams, you need to practise. Why not do it with us? We'll get you the results. That's a promise. 

Exam-style questions (even more difficult than final exam) helped me get a PASS

I sat F3 today morning (27.01.2017) as planned and got a PASS!

Wow... First strategic paper that I got a pass from the first sit!

I am so excited as I always perceived F3 as the most difficult paper I should sit! I did lots of practice and mocks - on average I had a 'pass' performance in all mocks except few (incl. PTA which I got around 65%) but let me tell you that this mock was VERY relevant with exam-style questions and quite difficult making it a good tool to prepare! 


Worried about FAILING your next CIMA exam?

  • Demotivated because you don't know where to start?
  • Getting stressed just by thinking about your upcoming exam?
  • Failed an exam because you got lost or panicked half way?

Not enough QUALITY resources available ONLINE?

  • Ever wished you could practice more questions before your exam? But not ANY questions - good & relevant questions, just like on the real exam?
  • Would you like to identify the areas that need improvement and then focus specifically on them?

Would you like to have more FREE TIME?

  • Would you like to study more efficiently, so you can spend more time with your family or friends?
  • Have you ever looked back at your study time and realised that you focused too much on irrelevant areas?

Practice Tests' features:

>> 500 practice test questions per each paper
More questions equals more practice, and practice makes better!

>> Quality questions and answers
Not only we created an impressive number of questions, but we also provide you with educative answers.

>> Study mode or exam simulator
Study how you want. Within a study mode you can attempt questions at your own pace and get instant feedback on your asnwers and an explanation of the correct asnwer. You can choose a specific syllabus area you want to improve or test.

>> Real exam experience
Select up to 60 questions per exam. Have a possibility of skipping questions, flagging for a later review. Test yourself under exam conditions and then get a full report showing your resutls and feedback. 

>> All question types included
The questions are in a range of different formats which will appear in the real exam.

>> Instant access
Place your order and start using the practice tests from your browser - instantly. NO waiting and NO software to install. Our CIMA practice tests are delivered via the Internet.



>> Exclusive industry knowledge
We are CIMA certified business professionals coming from all around the globe, from different management levels. We have a broad experience in industries like FMCG, Banking & Insurance, Pharma, Big 4 consulting, etc. Our examples are coming from real life.

>> Best value for money
Choose the quality, choose what you need and don't spend a fortune on it. Don't just settle for less!

Those practice tests give you that extra mile you need to pass your CIMA exam

The Practice Test Academy trials wide-ranging knowledge, gives vast challenging practice questions to test your knowledge and also works on ‘how to attempt an exam’. Their question bank is creative and very exam oriented to give students that extra mile. You can practice and learn side by side with their detailed products. The practice material has been a very good addition to SKANS teaching and exam preparation process. Thank you Practice Test Academy!

Who is it for?

CIMA students wanting to increase their chances of passing a CIMA exam on the 1st attempt.

This is an additional resource. You need to have the knowledge foundations for a specific exam you aim to pass. You want to practice more exam-like questions and replicate the exam experience.


Who is it NOT for?

There is no magic recipe for making sure you pass your CIMA exam. You need to study, devote your time. If you're not willing to dedicate enough resources, if you expect a miracle, you're welcome to ignore this page.

Importance of an exam technique!

Personally what I find challenging is a way of studying and an exam technique. You study by reading books or watching videos. You do your practice tests mostly on a paper, you mostly exceed the pass mark, but then you sit a real exam and you fail. Why? Because you didn't have an exam technique that works for you. I know as I've done the same mistake! That's why it is SO important to get used to the online testing concept, to the testing way meaning different question types and to the time pressure. "If only you had extra 10 minutes, you can be might have passed." You need to polish your exam technique. It surely can give you the extra few points you need to pass an exam. Just think about it. Check this page to access our exam technique free video. You need to check on your own what works for you, but Practice Tests Academy can definitively facilitate that.


We believe in the quality of our tool. That's why we provide you with a pass assurance.

More CIMA Practice Tests are coming!

We are committed to delivering you the highest quality CIMA Practice Tests. We are constantly working on developing new Practice Tests for YOU.

Why CIMA ?

Because CIMA significantly increases YOUR chances of finding a fulfilling and challenging job at the company that you want to work for, not where you have to!
Employers are looking for certain skills, financial knowledge, an open and creative mind, forward looking. They don't want only accountants, they want problem solvers, strategic thinkers. CIMA gives you a grasp of theory and practice.

What you need to pass?

3 things you need to PASS a CIMA OT exam:

  1. extensive knowledge - it's no news that in order to successfully pass your exam, you need to have an extensive knowledge of the paper you're sitting
  2. practice questions - practice as many questions as you can. By practising, you learn by applying the knowledge you have read. Your brain retains much more this waty. Read our post on "How does the brain learn".
  3. exam technique - a proper exam technique adjusted to the exam may give you those few extra points, that could be just what you need to PASS. 

How can you improve your exam technique?

That's simple! Just practice exam questions! Do as many as you can.

Practice Tests Academy provides you with 500+ questions per each paper!

We have put all our hearts into writing original and business oriented scripts for you. And, what is our additional competitive advantage - we provide you with educative answers, something that can teach you the syllabus as well.

So not only you practice exam questions online, but you strengthen your knowledge in the areas that need improving.