I’m Justyna

And I am on a mission to help at least 1 million of students 
pass their computer-based CIMA exams.

Where did the idea come from?

It all started with an idea and passion to make CIMA studies easier.

I wanted to succeed but CIMA struggle was real.

Early in 2015, after the CIMA syllabus has changed, I signed up for a F3 online course. I quickly realised, that the most efficient study method for me is to follow the course, listen to the recordings and do as many practice questions as I could after I've completed each exam syllabus part. Shortly, I have finished all the tests the course has provided. I even bought another book with yet another 200 questions and have done them too. And then… I failed.

Not a nice feeling, especially when you hardly ever fail, but the most important is to learn from our shortcomings. So I sat down and made a schedule. The only problem was that the practice questions & tests I had available, I kind of remembered the answers, so I needed more resources. I couldn't find much more quality questions with good educative answers. I believe in learning by doing. I study the most by practicing the questions and reading the explanation why A is the correct answer and why B, C and D is not. I know it adds value to students.

So at that time I have decided to provide that value to other CIMA students. I used all the available resources. Due to my audit and controls work in a big international FMCG company, I traveled all around the world. I met a lot of finance professionals. With some of them we bonded, they were also studying for CIMA, they were great at what they did and they were even better at explaining to me why and how they did that. They had a passion for teaching, for sharing the knowledge. So it was a no-brainer to contact them and ask for support in the Practice Tests Academy. Apparently I am a good motivator, as most of them signed up.

I have also reached out to my CIMA college, to the teachers I've been in contact with while taking the classes. I have also reached out to all the students with whom I communicated over the years on different CIMA forums. Few people were really enthusiastic about my idea, but that was enough to get us started. Quality takes time, so we cannot provide to you all the papers at once. We will be gradually adding more papers to our portfolio. Thanks for your understanding and we do believe you will have a positive experience with our tools. 

I decided I will help 1 million students.


Facts about PTA

Passion for CIMA

We combine financial expertise with a passion for IT and we truly enjoy educating others.

Solving problems

We went through hard times in our CIMA studies and we listened to our fellow CIMA students and came up with solutions.

Learning from mistakes

Based on our experience, we've built this platform to make easier for CIMA students.

Believing in students

It's all about gathering knowledge, application and practice. Practice makes better!

Practice Tests Academy today...

We're on a mission to help at least 1 million of students pass their computer-based exams. YES, that's a big number, but sometimes you need to think big in order to get results! And YES, we will expand to other certifications (CIMA is our "baby" project) in order to achieve this goal.


CIMA Students


Unique Practice Questions


Certified Tutors



Our Timeline



In 2015 the idea to create PTA was cristalised, Justyna gathered tutors and the preparation work has started.




In 2016 PTA was officially created as a LTD company. In Septermber our website was live and operational.


All OT papers covered

PTA was able to create practice kits for all 13 OT CIMA papers.



Video courses

We have released video lectures for our strategic level packages. 


Kaplan & New CIMA syllabus

In the first half of 2019, PTA has started a cooperation with Kaplan Publishing.

In November the New 2019 Syllabus has been released and PTA was the frist online tuition provider who managed not only to update its packages, but also to add more questions to each package. 



Top Online CIMA Provider

World-leading provider of practice tests, recognised by CIMA Global.

We plan to release all remaining professional level video CIMA courses and to expand to ACCA certification. As of December 2020, we are on track to achieving that!


BPP cooperation

In 2021, PTA has partnered with BPP and now we also include BPP materials in our CIMA and ACCA packages.


We believe in your CIMA success.


We share one main goal - passion! We need to excel at what we do, we have to make you - our student - happy. We aim to help you increase your chances of passing a CIMA exam, and so far, we've been pretty good at it.

Today we're a true global company! We believe in the power of Internet and we understand the scarcity of the time YOU experience while studying. Quality takes time, so we cannot provide to you all the papers at once. We will be gradually adding more papers to our portfolio. Thanks for your understanding and we do believe you will have a positive experience with our tools. 

Good luck with your CIMA studies!


Founder and CEO

Justyna Wachulka-Chan

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