Worried about FAILING your next CIMA exam?

  • Demotivated because you don't know where to start?
  • Getting stressed just by thinking about your upcoming exam?
  • Failed an exam because you got lost or panicked half way?

You need a structure. A study routine.

Perhaps you don't like routine, but it will keep you same during your study process. It will provide you confidence and peace of mind, so that you are less stressed on your exam day.

Bad news is that you need to find out on your own what works on you, BUT we can provide you some guidelines to facilitate that process. Just read our blog.

Why are there so little QUALITY resources available ONLINE?

  • Ever wished you could practice more questions before your exam? But not ANY questions - good & relevant questions, just like on the real exam?
  • Would you like to identify the areas that need improvement and then focus specifically on them?

You've come to the right place!

We’ve suffered that as well, which was the reason why we created this website. We have combined world class tuition providers with business experts in order to create high quality, relevant and entertaining questions with descriptive answers. Our goal is to provide you with at least 500 challenging questions per each paper, so you have plenty of practice to do if you want to. Remember - practice makes better!

We are living in the IT era, so why not to use IT to help us study? We've created a testing simulator, so you can study how you want and where you want (computer, mobile). The only thing you ould need is an Internet access. You can find here 2 testing modes:

  1. Study mode where you see the answer straight after you press submit button. You have a separate test for each syllabus topic (if e.g. E3 has Part A-E, you will get 5 separate tests).
  2. Exam mode, simulating the real exam, limited by time, where the answers you can view after you submit the full test. You have 3 tests here - 1 full MOCK exam with unique (not repeated) questions (also sold separately), 1 full mock (60q) and 1 mini mock (30q) that use questions from the study mode. You get here a real exam experience.

If our "full package" option is too much for you, you can choose our MOCK exam with 60 challenging questions. That MOCK is also a part of the full package, so you can test your knowledge just before the big day.


Would you like to study more efficiently, so you can spend more time with your family or friends?

Have you ever looked back at your study time and realised that  you wasted some time because you didn't have a proper study system? That you have concentrated too much on the area that covers e.g. 15% of the syllabus and that you didn't devote enough time for the syllabus part, that covers 40%?

First thing is to realise which study method works on you.

For example I like to go through the chapters and then practice OT questions after I'm done with the each part. But that what works on me. So what works on you?

Additionally we want to save you the time so you can concentrate on what is important, what needs to be revised. Our questions are divided into 2015 syllabus parts according to the % weights of those parts. If e.g. Part A has 30% of the syllabus, you can expect to see at least 150 questions on that part covering all the topics that are examined. Practice more questions for the bigger areas in order to increase your chances of passing an exam.

When you study more efficiently, you have more time to spend with you loved ones.

Increase your change of passing

Practice makes perfect!

Harvard and Cambridge and all the rest of the renowned top-class universities state the same thing - it is best to LEARN BY DOING. This is how out brain is structured. We retain more if we put the knowledge in action. That's the idea behind our Practice tests - we really want you to strive during your CIMA exam, so we have prepared the most challenging and diversified practice questions with educative answers.