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You are making smart decisions from start.

You are making smart decisions from start.

The first step in making the smart decision is recognising the opportunity and finding the right resources.

You want to learn from others' mistakes.

You want to learn from others' mistakes.

It's ultimate wisdom and always better to learn from others' mistakes (and not from your own!)

You want to plan ahead and learn more.

You want to plan ahead and learn more.

Planning is an important aspect of success in life. Those who are successful with CIMA studies have planned ahead.


How does CIMA test look like?

Since you want to pass your CIMA exam, and therefore want to improve your future, I thought this might interest you as well.

Each OT package includes:

  • 500 challenging questions with answers online
  • split by syllabus parts, according to their weights (eg. F1 Part A is 10%, B is 45% etc.)
  • detailed results feedback by Kaplan's chapters (official CIMA publisher)
  • study mode (instant answer) or exam simulator
  • unlimited number of mocks (under exam conditions)

Practice makes perfect!

Study the right way and save money by NOT repeating your exams. You will eventually use a practice kit. Why not to use ours with literally hundreds of relevant questions?

I can not guarantee you'll pass. I wish I could, really... Unfortunately I can not do the work for you, but I can make it more pleasant and easier. The numbers speak for itself - the more you practice, the higher results you'll get. 

Still skeptical? OK, think about your last OT exam. Based on your experience, how would you improve your exam preparation? What could you have done differently? Did you do enough practice?


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Prices starting from £12


Prices starting from £12

Here is a sneak peak of our CIMA practice tests

This is how the inside of each package looks like. 


First screen after login:

Question split per each syllabus part:

Start your mock:

Multiple choice question with answer:

Fill in the blank question with answer:

Detailed results screen:

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Personally I've gone through that exercise when I failed my F3 exam back in 2015. It was painful… At that time I've decided that I don't want anyone else through that experience.

I gathered CIMA tutors from accredited institutes and qualified business professionals who created the most complete database of exam questions. You don't need to look any further for more practice tests for Your CIMA exams. You have them all here!

Practice Tests Academy became my passion project. My goal is to reach out and help as many CIMA students as I can. Customer Service is really important to me so I respond to every sent email personally.


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