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Discover the transformative power of Practice Tests Academy through the voices of those who’ve experienced it.
Dive into the journeys of our students and see why tuition providers trust and endorse us.

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Our collaboration with Kaplan and BPP affirms that Practice Tests Academy is proudly recognised as a registered CIMA tuition provider.
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A Note From Justyna CEO & Founder

The journey of Practice Tests Academy has been nothing short of remarkable.

Every student’s success story, every nod of approval from our partners, and every word of encouragement from tuition providers has fueled our ascent as one of the leading CIMA practice test providers.

Today, I’m humbled to say that over 25,000 students across 150 countries have trusted our tools in their quest for success. We’ve collaborated with top-notch tuition providers and secured partnerships with the most reputable CIMA affiliates.

But numbers and partnerships only tell a part of our story. At the heart of our success lies an unwavering passion for what we do and an insatiable appetite for improvement. Each piece of feedback, whether a pat on the back or constructive criticism, has been a learning experience for us. It’s this commitment to listening, adapting, and growing that has been our cornerstone.

I am genuinely proud of what we’ve achieved, but what fills me with even more pride is how we’ve achieved it—by being there for our students every step of the way, valuing their feedback, and relentlessly pursuing excellence.

As you scroll down, you’ll see words of appreciation from our students and partners. These are not just testimonials; they’re a testament to our dedication and drive.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and if you haven’t shared your story with us yet, I invite you to do so. We’re always listening.

Voices of Success

Real feedback from students who've conquered CIMA with our materials.

Achievements Amplified

Genuine reflections from students who've mastered ACCA using our resources.

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Dive into CIMA and ACCA success with our handpicked, budget-friendly resources on sale now.

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CIMA P1 Practice Kit

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CIMA P2 Practice Kit

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CIMA P3 Practice Kit

Description Exam-style questions must be practised in order to familiarise oneself with the test environment...



ACCA FA Practice Kit

Description Mastering the ACCA FA (Financial Accounting) exam demands thorough preparation and a deep understanding...



ACCA MA Practice Kit

Description Achieving success in your ACCA MA exam requires thorough practice with exam-style questions to...



ACCA BT Practice Kit

Description To excel in your ACCA BT exam, practicing with exam-style questions is essential for...


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