Chapter 4 - Risk and Control of Information Systems

Part C. Internal controls to manage risk - 20%

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      Indicative syllabus content

C.1 Evaluate control systems for organisational activities and resources.A.1 Evaluate the types of risk facing an organisation and recommend appropriate responses.


(a) Evaluate the appropriateness of control systems for the management of an organisation.
  • Application of control systems and related theory to the design of management accounting control systems and information.
  • Systems in general.
  • Control systems within functional areas of a business including HR, sales, purchases, treasury, distribution, IT.
  • Identification of appropriate responsibility and control centres within the organisation.
  • Performance target setting.
  • Performance appraisal and feedback.
  • Cost of quality applied to the management accounting function and ‘getting things right first time’.
  • Responses to risks in control systems for management.
B.1 Evaluate the tools and processes required for strategy implementation. (c) Advise managers of the risks in the development of strategies for information systems that support the organisation’s strategic requirements.
  • The purpose and contents of information system strategies, and the need for strategy complementary to the corporate and individual business strategies.