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As you may recall, I passed my Case Study thanks to the personalised approach. I took few 1:1 lessons with a CIMA Case Study tutor online, and that was THE FACTOR, that REALLY made the difference for me. 

My tutor quickly understood where I was falling behind and within few hours, he fixed that. Wouldn't you want to know how to improve to ensure you PASS you Management Case Study? Don't you want to just be done with it and move to the startegic level?

I'm really grateful to Kumar as I have passed my Case Study. It's such an amazing feeling!

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He really tested my negotiation skills, but finally he agreed to lead CIMA Case Studies part at Practice Tests Academy.

Personalised approach can turn a potential FAIL into a PASS!


It helped me and it can help you as well. Personally I find a lot of value in a personalised, adjusted to your needs approach. I didn't want to deprive you from that possibility. You don't know what you don't know. Only an experienced person can figure out what you can improve. 

Kumar is from Sri Lanka and he's been a fellow CIMA member for 35 years. Now he is retired and can devote his time to his passion - teaching students. His success rates are stunning - around 98% of his students PASS the Case Study exams.



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