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Attempting mocks under timed conditions is extremely important. You need to know how to manage the time you have. You need to spend enough time on planning your answer and sense checking them.

Knowing where you fall short will help you improve and hopefully enable you to PASS your MCS.

Get your mocks marked, so you can get an expert feedback on your mock exams that will give you a knowledgeable and experienced point of view on your level of performance to tell you how well you are getting on.

Of course, you will get model answers and assess how well you've done, but I find that rarely works as we are not very good judges of our own performance.

Getting your mocks reviewed will help you draw up an action plan on what to focus on. Perhaps it's a particular model or theory you need to revise further.

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Personalised approach can turn a potential FAIL into a PASS!


It helped me and it can help you as well. Personally I find a lot of value in a personalised, adjusted to your needs approach. I didn't want to deprive you from that possibility. You don't know what you don't know. Only an experienced person can figure out what you can improve. 

Kumar is from Sri Lanka and he's been a fellow CIMA member for 35 years. Now he is retired and can devote his time to his passion - teaching students. His success rates are stunning - around 98% of his students PASS the Case Study exams.



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