PASS Your OperationalCase Study exam this February!

Take part in the 2nd OCS Webinar, brush up on your preseen, improve your writing technique, get instant tutor's feedback.

By attending, you’ll make sure that your approach to your Case Study exam is honed and streamlined and you’ll avoid all of the common mistakes that students tend to make.

We'll cover:

  • A quick last minute glance on theory areas you can be tested on from the financial, performance and enterprise pillar
  • Tips and suggestions for exam success
  • Opportunity to ask those last-minute Qs you may have
  • An interactive session revising mock 4 with your help - understand that answer point generation is simple and not too hard
  • Instill confidence you need to pass

Important Info:

  • Our 2nd OCS Webinar is already included in the following packages: OCS Essential (this time only), OCS Advanced, OCS Master and OCS Ultimate. No need to buy that extra.
  • This session is supposed to be as interactive as possible so please as many questions as you like. We're here to help you. 
  • The recording will be provided within 48 hours after the webinar on added to your package. 

Why Join Us

We share one main goal - passion! We need to excel at what we do, we have to make you - our student - happy. We aim to help you increase your chances of passing a CIMA OCS exam, and so far, we've been pretty good at it.

Passion for CIMA

We combine financial expertese with a passion for IT and we truly enjoy educating others.

Learning from mistakes

Based on our expertise, we've built this platform to make it easier for CIMA students. We believe in your success!

Solving problems

We went through hard times in our CIMA studies and we listened to our fellow CIMA students and came up with solutions.

Ask us anything

We're always here for you. Just drop us an email if you have any OCS related questions, and our tutors will come back to you shortly.

It's all about results.

Because when results impact each CIMA's student career, those results matter. 

Andrew Davies

Cardiff, UK

"I'd also like to thank you for your website, and the many different products you offer. I bought the P2 mock exam back in October as I had failed the real exam a few times and felt I needed some more help. I then failed it again, and was starting to get frustrated. I went on to your website to see what else I could do, and found I could upgrade the mock to the 500 Q pack, and also had a discount code, so that was perfect. I went over questions in every syllabus area, and that seemed to do the trick as the next exam I passed. I will be looking to continue that through 2018!"


Julie Van Heerden

Germiston, South Africa

"Thanks to Practise Test Academy I passed BA3 with a score of 146 out of 150. I haven't studied in 30 years and I was always an average student so this was a shock as I didn't know what to expect."


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And YES, we will expand to other certifications (CIMA is our "baby" project) in order to achieve this goal.


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At Practice Tests Academy we are very confident that our products will help you to pass your CIMA Operational level Case Study exam. That is why we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.
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If you had a quick look at the Main OCS Packages and you didn't find the tool transformational enough, just let us know why and we'll send you your money back. Our policy can be found here.

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