The Replay from the Masterclass 1 (held on Oct 15th, 2017)

For your convenience, the recordings have been divided into separate sections. 

Also, you can find below the pdf, that our tutor was going through during the Masterclass 1. 

Introduction and Section 1 - Case Study Exam Guide

  • Introduction to this online Masterclass 1 - what can you expect from it. 
  • Introduction of our tutor - Paul Russell. 

Section 1 - Case Study Exam Guide (starts at around 17.45)

Why did CIMA introduce the Case Studies? What are they testing? What does a passing script need to do?

If you understand the purpose of what is the role of the Case Study (what is it testing), passing it will become easier.

Section 2 - The Pre-Seen

Pre-seen is a fairly sizeable document. It includes a lot of information. Where do you start? What should you do with it? How should you use it? Our tutor will take through a series of DOs and DON'TS. You

You can of course use our materials that analyse the preseen, but to be honest, you would need to do some work on your own. Learn how to use it so you can pass your upcoming MCS. Paul also

Paul also explains what are the reasons why students fail the exam, which is connected with their approach towards the preseen. It is not about how much work you input here, but the right type of work.

Section 3 - Finance manager - Your Role

Our tutor will explain you what is your role within the exam. You need to properly understand where you are positioned within the organisation, what is your role and therefore how should you communicate.  As a Case Study Finance Manager, you should have the qualities and the attributes of a real life Finance Manager and Paul will take you through what that means.

Section 4 - Examinable Topics: E2/P2 and F2

Paul, based on his experience and thorough analysis of the previous case studies, he will take you through the most likely examinable topics for this November 2017 MCS. Remember that CIMA is NOT re-examining you on the technical knowledge from E2/ P2 and F2.

Section 5 - CIMA Competencies: A Guide

What do they mean and how important (or even unimportant) they are to your success.

Section 6 - MCS Mock Exam - Live Walkthrough

Paul will perform a live walkthrough of 2 sections of the current preseen mock exam. how to interpret the questions being asked and how you should approach responding to them. He will point out what to concentrate on and what to avoid.

You will be shown how to interpret the questions being asked and how you should approach responding to them. Our tutor will point out what to concentrate on and what to avoid.

Section 7 - 3 MCS Exam Secrets

Take out your notepads as those secrets are what Paul has discovered over the last couple of years. Those little things could make a difference between a fail and a pass.

Section 8 - Live Interview: MCS Exam Passer

It is always good to get feedback from someone who has been where you are right now. The interviewee (Ian) will talk you through what was his approach to passing an MCS exam.

Section 9 - Q&A with Paul

  • Is it better to quote any real-life examples from the same industry
  • Zedex doesn't have a dedicated HR department. What are the implications on motivating and retaining key employees?
  • CIMA marking system - how does that work and will I get extra points if I don't use the theory that the examiners wanted to get, but instead if I write about a different theory.