CIMA MCS Industry Analysis

MCS November 2017 - Industry Pack

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20 Industry Examples

What is an Industry Example?

An industry example is a real life example based on and relevant to a real company within your given industry. Good industry examples will describe a given issue, e.g. a product recall, and provide the reader with some depth in relation to that issue.

How you should use Industry Examples

Industry examples should be used in the real exam as often as possible. A good rule of thumb is to try to include an industry example within each section of your script. The difficulty is trying to ensure that the example that you use is relevant, for example, by using an industry example on CSR on a section that relates to CSR. Note that including irrelevant examples is not advisable and will not add any value to your script.

Will I score marks for using Industry Examples?

Yes and no. Your examiner has stated that the are no specific marks awarded for industry knowledge. However, using industry examples does add depth to your script and our view is that integration marks would be awarded where a student adds value in this way as long as the example is used correctly, and is relevant to the area being examined.