CIMA Mocks marking

CIMA MCS Mocks Marking Service

for MCS November 2017 session


Attempting mocks under timed conditions is extremely important. You need to know how to manage the time you have. You need to spend enough time on planning your answer and sense checking them.

Knowing where you fall short will help you improve and hopefully enable you to PASS your MCS.

Get your mocks marked,

so you can get an expert feedback on how well you are performing in certain parts and where you are falling short. 

We tend to be biased against or for ourselves. Independent marker can tell you exactly what to improve. 

Getting your mocks reviewed will help you draw up an action plan on what to focus on. Perhaps it's a particular model or theory you need to revise further. Perhaps there are few little writing style amendments you need to make. That you will not know unless an independent person tells you.

Personalised feedback can turn

a potential FAIL into a PASS!

Mocks marking service can only help you succeed.

MCS mocks marking service

What will you get?

  • your submitted mock annotated with hand-written personalised comments,
  • your mock marked paragraph by paragraph, with additional comments on how you performed,
  • detailed marking grid showing you exactly how well you've done against each competency, with comments.

How does it work?

You have 2 options:

  1. You can either complete the mock in your text editor and send it to us. Just be sure you do that under the exam conditions meaning 45 minutes for each section, 3 hours in one sitting.
  2. You can use our exam simulator, that mimics the exam conditions. We would advise that as it gets you used to the exam format. After you complete each section, you will be automatically redirected to the next one and you will also receive an email with your answer. After you complete the full mock, just forward those 4 emails to us.

We will try to come back to you within 3 working days (hopefully faster). 

Select your option:

!!! Mocks marking service is only available as an addition to our MCS mocks. You need to be in a possession of any of our MCS packages in order to be able to get this additional service.