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Masterclass 2 - this Sunday, November 12th at 9.30 am UK time.

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CIMA MCS Masterclass

Our Masterclasses are different!

Delivered by Case Study expert, Paul Russell, these classes are designed and structured to provide you with a deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of the what the CIMA MCS examiner expects to see in a passing script.

Filled with key tips and live walkthroughs ranging from understanding the 4 Competencies and the Pre-seen, to how to deal with difficult tasks on the day,

Our Masterclasses are a must whether you’re a resitting student or aiming to win a prize on your first Case Study attempt.

By attending, you’ll make sure that your approach to your Case Study exam is honed and streamlined and you’ll avoid all of the common mistakes that students tend to make.

What our tutor has to say about Masterclasses

  • Why our masterclasses are different and packed with invaluable information
  • Why masterclass 1 should be your kickstart 
  • Don't waste time on areas that are simply not beneficial
  • Added value from masterclass 2

What do his students say?

More than just teaching!

Paul's focus is very much so on question styles and how to approach questions so you can gain the maximum amount of marks. As he pointed out we have previously been tested on the technical aspects and we know it so the examiners won't need us to go into detail again on the technical areas in the MCS. 

Paul's coaching is more than just teaching and getting students prepared for the exam. I have had success working with Paul and I think his way of coaching is very much a way of 'practice makes perfect'. 

I am now more confident

I failed a couple of times and was wondering if I could find a tutor who could help me. I found Paul very approachable, knowledgeable and has got all the right tricks that students need. I found myself in a very different position very quickly from what I used to be before I met him. I am more confident on a subject matter and application of my knowledge and credits go to Paul. I have no hesitation to recommend Paul as a brilliant tutor.

CIMA Masterclass

So, what is included in each Masterclass?

Masterclass 1 (Early):


Masterclass 1 is designed to jumpstart your approach to the Management Case Study Exam. By attending it, you’ll quickly grasp an understanding of how to prepare for success and ensure that you focus your study effort on essential areas and avoid the common pitfalls. 

Core areas:

  • A guide to CIMA Case Study Exams and what they are examining,
  • Understanding the Pre-seen and how to use it,
  • How to immerse yourself in your role as a Finance Manager within the organisation,
  • A guide to the main examinable topics in E2, P2 and F2 (and topics that won’t be examined!),
  • CIMA Competencies – a comprehensive guide on how to score marks,
  • A live walkthrough of an MCS exam based on the current Pre-seen,
  • How to structure and plan a passing MCS script,
  • 3 Secrets that your MCS examiner doesn’t want you to know, (don’t tell anyone!)
  • A live interview with a recent successful MCS Case Study student,
  • A live Q and A session with our resident Case Study Expert, Paul Russell

I had no clue what I was really doing with my MCS studies when I saw a post about an upcoming Masterclass with Paul Russell. I signed and I am glad I did. I felt uncomfortable at first, because of the tutor’s counterintuitive suggestions, but then, when I gave it a bit of thought, it actually made a lot of sense.

Paul Russell is very committed to his job and every question you could possibly ask will be answered. I know how the exam will look like, what to expect and how a passing script should look like, which is exactly what I needed to hear to move forward.

Give it a try, it will pay off.

Masterclass 2 (Late):


Masterclass 2 is a must for all CIMA Management Case Study students. This Masterclass will overflow with crucial tips and last-minute guidance geared to ensuring success in your Case Study exam. Built around the most likely topic areas for your Pre-seen, this Masterclass focuses on exam technique, building confidence and essential feedback from our team of mock exam markers.

Core areas:

  • 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts on exam day,
  • A guide to the most likely topic areas for your Pre-seen,
  • Feedback from our marking team – what students are doing well in our mock exams and what they are doing badly,
  • A detailed analysis of the August 2017 MCS Examiners report,
  • A bullet proof approach to dealing with difficult tasks on the exam day,
  • 3 things you MUST DO before you sit your Case Study Exam,
  • A live interview with a recent successful MCS Case Study student, 
  • A live Q and A session with our resident Case Study Expert, Paul Russell.
Save CIMA Masterclasses

Or get both Masterclasses and save:

  • 30% for Live Masterclasses, 
  • 15% for replay Masterclasses.

And you are 100% safe to try this. That's all I'm suggesting. Just attend the workshop to see if that works for you. If it does, then you'll be delighted and I think that's exactly what's about to happen.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the Masterclass, if it didn't fulfill your expectations and if it didn't add any value to your MCS preparation, just let me know what is the reason and I'll send you your money back. Our policy can be found here