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Management Case Study exam date is inevitably approaching… Don't know where to start with your preparation? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

For the first time ever we are offering a live FREE workshop that makes sure your approach to your MCS exam is honed and streamlined and you’ll avoid all the common mistakes that students tend to make. 

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Passing MCS exam is not easy

Just look at the recent pass rates: MCS has 62% success rate, while gateway exams had only 26%. Personally I find those numbers worrying. It tells me that the students do not necessarily know how to prepare for that exam.

  • Maybe you don't know where to start.
  • Maybe you don't know what is that the examiner wants to get.

It all comes down to the passing script concept.

If you know the background of the exam meaning why it was introduced in the first place, why did CIMA structured it in such a way (hint - it mimics the real life work experience) and on top of that, you understand how to write in a way that gets you marks, passing a MCS exam would be just a formality.

I bet you want to pass your upcoming MCS exam (otherwise you wouldn't be here).

I have something exiting to share. Practice Tests Academy is running a FREE workshop this Sunday at 10 am UK time.

I know from my experience and from talking to many MCS student we had in the past, that this webinar will equip you with the most necessary tools you need to pass your next MCS exam. I'm sure of that! We've spent hundreds of hours figuring out what examiners want to read and what is that students have to improve.

All that will be presented to you during the upcoming free webinar this Sunday.


Founder of PTA


What you will learn on 14.01.2018 at 10 am UK time:

  • What Management Case Study is examining.

  • Understanding CIMA Competencies.

  • Pre-seen and how to use it.

  • Your role as a Senior Finance Manager.

  • Importance of mocks' practice and a live mini practice session - 1 unique example.

  • This webinar will last for around 90 minutes.
CIMA MCS Masterclass

Who will help you kickstart your MCS exam preparation during PTA's online workshops?

Delivered by Case Study expert, Mary Jane Rodriguez, this online workshop is designed and structured to provide you with a thorough understanding of what the CIMA MCS examiner expects to see in a passing script.

Filled with key tips ranging from understanding the 4 Competencies and the Pre-seen, to how to deal with difficult tasks on the day,

By attending, you’ll make sure that your approach to your Case Study exam is honed and streamlined and you’ll avoid all of the common mistakes that students tend to make.

Kickstart [FREE] MCS Workshop

14.01.2018 at 10 am till 11.30 am UK time



This Free webinar is designed to jumpstart your approach to the Management Case Study Exam. By attending it, you’ll quickly grasp an understanding of how to prepare for success and ensure that you focus your study effort on essential areas and avoid the common pitfalls. 

Core areas covered:

  • A guide to CIMA Case Study Exams and what they are examining,
  • CIMA Competencies – a comprehensive guide on how to score marks,
  • Understanding the Pre-seen and how to use it,
  • How to immerse yourself in your role as a Senior Finance Manager within the organisation,
  • Importance of mocks' practice and a live mini brainstorming session on how to structure an answers for a given scenario.

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This is an important webinar, as it will lay the foundations of your MCS exam preparation. The exam date is approaching, don’t delay the preparation for the last moment. Start right now with an online, live webinar with our certified CIMA tutor Mary Jane.

A message from our students, who attended past workshops:

As a way to facilitate my Case Study preparation, I signed up for a masterclass with PTA and I am glad I did. 

PTa's tutor was very committed to her job and every question you could possibly think of, was answered. I knew how the exam would look like, what to expect and how a passing script should look like, which is exactly what I needed to hear to move forward.

Give it a try, it will pay off.

I am very pleased to say I passed my MCS exam first time in May 2017! The quality of the materials and practice exams that PTA has provided is key to my success at passing first time. 
Thank you for all your help and guidance, I will be recommending to all friends and colleagues in the future.

Keep up the good work! 

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