MCS Essentials Package for February 2018

For your convenience, we attach here the pre-seen:

Pre-Seen Analysis

This analysis should be your starting point within MCS preparation. Before you watch this video, please read the Pre-Seen document at least twice. Make some short notes. The purpose is for you to practice, to analyse and then to compare your thoughts with what our tutor has done for you. 

Believe me, that will only be beneficial for you. 

Ratio Analysis

The purpose of this document is to provide you with a guide to the main financial ratios relevant to Nortan for the years ended 31 December 2016 and 31 December 2017 and to provide initial commentary on these ratios. This document should be used as a starting point for further analysis.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis should be used as a starting point for further research and analysis.

The purpose of the Strategic Analysis is to provide you with an overview of the business environment in which Nortan and its FOSSC operate, and on Nortan itself, and to allow you to understand and determine how Nortan would formulate its corporate strategy. 

Strategic Analysis provides an overview of most relevant models:

  • Strategy Formulation – Rational Model
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • SWOT
  • Mendelow's Matrix
  • PEST
  • Porter's Diamond
  • Porter's Generic Strategies
  • Ansoff's Matrix

Most likely issues

Here you can find top 20 issues for the Pre-Seen of February 2018.

We cannot predict the future, but our tutor - Mary Jane Rodriguez, has a "good nose". As a lecturer and a person who has experience with working in SSC, she knows that there are certain topics that are more likely to appear and some, that will definitively be not examined. In this video, she is going to share with you the areas that seem to be the most likely to appear.

Industry analysis

Have a look at the Industry Analysis document. All the most important pieces of information regarding the Nortan and FOSSC have already been included in the Pre-Seen Materials - and this is also what the examiner has been saying for a while. You won't get many additional points for knowing all the little things connected with the industry. You just need to have the overview of what is happening on the market.

However, knowing the current conditions on the market and knowing how other important players are dealing with those situations, can provide an additional depth to your answer. 

Please keep in mind that this industry analysis slides together with the video, should be used together with the real-life examples, that you can find on the right side of this video.

20 Industry Examples

What is an Industry Example?

An industry example is a real life example based on and relevant to a real company within your given industry. Good industry examples will describe a given issue, e.g. a product recall, and provide the reader with some depth in relation to that issue.

How you should use Industry Examples

Industry examples should be used in the real exam as often as possible. A good rule of thumb is to try to include an industry example within each section of your script. The difficulty is trying to ensure that the example that you use is relevant, for example, by using an industry example on CSR on a section that relates to CSR. Note that including irrelevant examples is not advisable and will not add any value to your script.

Practice Mocks for Nortan

Three professionally designed Mock Exams for the Nortan Management / Gateway Case Study February 2018 exam. These mocks were prepared in accordance with the official exam weightings and skill-set assessments and reflect the CIMA exam style. 

Just click the button and you will be redirected to another page, where you can practice via out exam simulator those mocks. You will also have there an option to view the questions document if that makes it easier for you. You can also view exam model answers there.

We will also add here a walkthrough of 1 of our mocks. Our tutor emphasises how to approach writing an answer, what to consider, what to focus on, how to respond etc. That video will be posted on 15th of January.

Train Yourself with Past Mocks

You will find here past mocks exams with all the materials that you need. You can view, practice, download, however you like to learn.

We've downloaded a bunch of information from the official CIMA Connect site so you can see how the examiners commented on and answered the past Aug 2017, May 2017, Feb 2017 and Nov 2016 exams. All 5 variants are included, so you can have plenty of practice before the exam week. 

Bonuses section

What is a good answer writing technique

How to Pass your next MCS exam