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MCS Essentials Package

Get your MCS Essentials Package for February 2018 prepared by expert CIMA tutor. All from MCS PreSeen Analysis, Financial Ratio Analysis, Pre-Seen Issues with bulletproof industry examples and professionally designed MCS Mock Exams with model answers and more. Bonuses included. 


MSC Essentials Package includes:

Check what we've put together in our exclusive MCS Essentials package.

Pre-Seen Analysis

Analysing Pre-Seen material is one of the most crucial parts of the MCS preparation. Our pre-seen analysis video will walk you through a page-by-page analysis of the Pre-seen. 

It includes a 1.5 h video and an annotated pdf.

Ratio Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis is a must. You need to pre-learn those ratios. We've covered here the analysis of the financial statemetns and the detailed analysis of profitability, solvency, liquidity and efficiency ratios.

It includes a 0.5 h video analysing ratios and financial statements + slides.  

20 Most Likely Issues

We cannot predict the future, but our tutor has a "good nose". As a lecturer and a person who has experience with working in SSC, she knows that there are certain topics that are more likely to appear and some, that will definitively not be examined. Here you'll get a 40 mins long video with slides.

Strategic Analysis

The purpose of the Strategic Analysis is to provide you with an overview of the business environment in which Nortan and its FOSSC operate, and on Nortan itself, and to allow you to understand and determine how Nortan would formulate its corporate strategy. We've covered here key strategic models and theories. It's like a revision and application of the most probable models.

It includes a video and downloadable slides with comments.

Industry Analysis + 20 examples

Knowing the current conditions on the oil and SSC market and how other important players are dealing with those situations, can provide an additional depth to your answer. 

Additionally you'll get 20 real-life examples. They show you what issues other companies in the same sector are facing and how they dealt with them, so in case a similar question comes up, you'll know what to write. 

There is 40 mins industry analysis video with slides and 50 min examples video with slides. 

3 Mocks with model answers

Realistic mock exam practice is vital for your success in the CIMA MCS exams.

Our 3 mock exams are online simulations of the real computerised exams. Thay are time-limited and the answer boxes have similar functionality as those from Pearson View. You can view the mocks in pdfs or use the exam similator. 

On top of that, 4 weeks before the exam you will get here a video walkthrough of how to attempt writing answers for the 1st mock. 

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MSC Essentials Walkthrough

Have a look what is included inside our MCS Essentials package. It is filled with educational videos and detailed slides enhancing your knowledge of the CIMA Management Case Sudy for February 2018 exam. 

This is a condenced package with all the necessary information you need to succeed at your Feb'18 MCS. We've spent literally hunderds of hours analysing the best way to prepare for such a complex exam. We're now pround of what we've accomplished. 

Have a look, I'm 100% sure you will be satisfied.


Dedicated to Quality

We strongly believe in the quality of our products. However, if for any reason you don't like what you see AND you have only consumed up to 10% of the content, drop me an email on [email protected] and we will refund you. We are commitet to quality over quantity. 


What our students say:

I passed my Management Case Study exam! I took it in August'17 and I do believe my victory is due to the thorough materials that PTA has provided. 

What I particularly liked is that PTA does not dwell on any particular topic like other providers. It is all straight to the point. 

Also I have to give credit to PTA as whenever I had any question, I email it and always got it answered. 

Compared to what is availabel on the market, I do think that PTA has done a good job and I strongly recommend them.

I sat my MCS exam in November 2017 session. I don't know yet if I have passed, but my exam went pretty well. What is amazing is that I even got a topic that I practised with PTA's mocks! 

The videos made me feel very confident. I knew what to expect on the exam day.

Material was covered thoroughly, but it was concise, which was very important to me as I have a full time job and a family. I needed factual information and that's what I got. 

I'm so grateful. Keep up the good work PTA!

MCS Essentials

  • MCS Mocks package
  • pre-seen analysis video with annotated pdf
  • ratio analysis video + pdf
  • 20 most likely issues video + pdf
  • strategic analysis video + pdf
  • industry analysis video + 20 real life examples video
  • -------------------
  • #1 Ethics for MCS video
  • #2 How to pass your MCS exam video
  • #3 exam simulator with past MCS papers

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