CIMA Management / Gateway Case Study - MSC May 2017

Below you can find an exam simulator and set of answers.
The answers are view-only, due to copyrights' issues.

Preseen has been downloaded from the CIMA Connect site for your convenience.

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Pre-Seen Analysis - BES

We value your time so we prepared an in-depth, but concise analysis of pre-seen material.

It also includes a review of the financial situation of BES and a short summary of VES.

Just 1 tip before you watch it - please read the Pre-Seen material at least once. Then you can compare your understanding with ours. That will give you more value than just going through the video without any idea about the company.

You can view and download the described documents by clicking on the buttons below.

Industry Analysis - SPP

Again, we've prepared a condensed review of the Variety Store's Industry. You need to be aware of the business environment BES operates in, in order to make better decisions. But we don't want you to overdo it as the examiners say that you will not be given extra marks if you input some additional facts from the real life. Examiners also say that most of the needed information is already included in the Pre-Seen. 

With that in mind, enjoy our Industry Analysis video!

You can view and download the described document by clicking on the button below.

Practice Mocks for BES

Three professionally designed Mock Exams for the BES Mangement / Gateway Case Study May 2017 exam. These mocks were prepared in accordance with the official exam weightings and skill-set assessments and reflect the CIMA exam style. 

Just click the button and you will be redirected to another page, where you can practice via out exam simulator those mocks. You will also have there an option to view the questions document if that makes it easier for you. You can also view exam model answers there.

Train Yourself with Past Mocks

You will find here past mocks exams with all the materials that you need. You can view, practice, download, however you like to learn.

We've downloaded a bunch of information from the official CIMA Connect site so you can see how the examiners commented on and answered the past Feb 2017 and Nov 2016 mocks. All 5 variants are included, so you can have plenty of practice before the exam week.