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Why this ebook?

After you complete reading this ebook, you should know the 5 steps as well as few “secret” tricks in order to better prepare yourself for your upcoming CIMA OT exam. You should be able to put together a study approach that works for you and in this way increase your chances of passing any CIMA OT exam.


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What is this guide about?

Based on our knowledge, experience and research, we’ve compiled a list of 5 steps that should be part of your study approach. If you follow them, you will maximise the chances of passing your next OT exam. Yes, OT, as here we focus mostly on computer based exams, not case studies.

Introduction to OTQ exams

OTQ exams (Objective Test Questions, also sometimes referred to as CBE – Computer Based Assessments) have now taken centre-stage and hijacked a major part of the CIMA learning programme. But it’s not half as bad it seems — in fact, the entire OTQ-centric examination structure now offers students a sprinkle of benefits that were previously deemed unfathomable, including the ability to fast-track your journey towards becoming a fully-qualified Management Accountant!

Learn Efficient CIMA Study Approach

Different people have different ways of studying. Different things work on different people. Keep that in mind when you set up a study approach that should work for you.

Learn Efficient CIMA Study Approach

and get a better return on your studying efforts