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CIMA Strategic Level – Mocks Bundle

From: Original price was: £36.00.Current price is: £32.40. for 3 months

From: Original price was: £36.00.Current price is: £32.40. for 3 months

Maximise Your CIMA Success with Our Strategic Level Mocks Bundle! Get 10% discount and double the duration of the mocks’ packages (6 months instead of 3).

CIMA Strategic Level Mocks Bundle: Your Path to Exam Success!

  • Customized Learning: Choose from 1 or 3 mocks for each E3, P3, and F3 paper.
  • Strategically Designed: Mocks crafted to enhance your strategic understanding.
  • Exclusive Savings: Instantly receive a 10% discount on your bundle.
  • Extended Access: Each mock exam is valid for 6 months, doubling the usual duration.
  • Focused Preparation: Targeted exams to prepare you comprehensively for CIMA success.
  • Flexible Study Plan: Adapt the bundle to fit your learning style and schedule.

CIMA E3 Mocks

Get exam-mimicking CIMA E3 Mocks with detailed feedback, tutor support, and 90 days instant access starting from £12

CIMA P3 Mocks

Get exam-simulating CIMA P3 Mocks with detailed feedback, tutor support, and automatic access for 90 days for as little as £12

CIMA F3 Mocks

Get exam-simulating CIMA F3 Mocks with detailed feedback, tutor support, and automatic access for 90 days for as little as £12

“Empower Your CIMA Journey with the Strategic Level Mocks Bundle – Your Gateway to Excellence”

Embark on a transformative journey towards CIMA mastery with our Strategic Level Mocks Bundle. This package offers an unparalleled opportunity to tailor your study experience to your specific needs. Choose between 1 or 3 high-quality mock exams from each of the crucial papers: E3, P3, and F3. Each mock is expertly designed to challenge and expand your strategic thinking and application skills, crucial for acing the CIMA exam.

Our bundle goes beyond the standard offering. Not only do you get to handpick your mock exams, but you also enjoy a substantial 10% discount on your selection. This is our way of committing to your success and making your preparation journey more affordable.

Moreover, we understand the importance of adequate preparation time. That’s why we’ve doubled the validity period of each mock exam in this bundle. Instead of the standard 3-month access, you get an extended 6-month period to practice and perfect your strategies. This ensures you have ample time to revisit concepts, refine your approach, and enter the exam with confidence.

Our Strategic Level Mocks Bundle is more than just a set of exams; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to align with your learning pace and style, enhancing your understanding and readiness for the CIMA exam. Seize this opportunity to gain an edge in your CIMA journey and step confidently towards your career goals.

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