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Hone your CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam skills affordably with our adaptable Mock Exams. Perfect for concentrated practice and cost-conscious learners.

  • Choice of 1 mock (Mock 1, 2, or 3) or a value-packed set of 3 mocks.
  • Expertly crafted solutions for in-depth understanding.
  • Access valid until the current exam sitting concludes.


Elevate your CIMA SCS (Strategic Case Study) exam readiness with our CIMA SCS Mocks Marking Service. Tailored to provide expert insights and personalised feedback, this service empowers you to excel in case study writing.

Our team of seasoned tutors, well-versed in CIMA’s examination standards, diligently evaluate your submitted SCS mock exams. With years of experience and an intimate grasp of the keys to success, they function as your personal CIMA Examiners, pinpointing strengths and areas for enhancement in each paragraph of your responses.

Why Writing Solutions to Mocks is the Best Preparation Method for Your SCS Exam:

Crafting detailed solutions to mock exams is a vital aspect of your CIMA SCS (Strategic Case Study) exam preparation. It goes beyond mere knowledge evaluation, effectively replicating the exam conditions and providing a practical and effective platform to hone your skills.

Through mock exams, you not only strengthen your ability to apply technical knowledge but also develop the skill to structure your responses in a clear, concise, and impactful manner.

This practice serves a dual purpose, helping you identify and address potential weaknesses in your understanding. Additionally, meticulously designed solutions serve as valuable reference materials. Ultimately, composing solutions to mocks ensures thorough preparation for navigating the complexities of the SCS exam, boosting your confidence and readiness for success on the examination day.

The Crucial Role of Mock Exams in Your SCS Exam Preparation:

Preparing for your CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam demands a distinctive approach, especially as it marks your first experience with this format. Mock exams are integral to this journey, providing critical advantages pivotal to your achievement:

  1. Time Management Excellence: The SCS exam is recognised for its stringent time constraints and associated pressure. Completing mock exams under simulated exam conditions is imperative. This practice enables you to adapt to the exam’s format, ensuring effective time management during the actual exam. By facing identical time restrictions in a controlled environment, you develop the capability to allocate your time judiciously, enhancing your productivity.
  2. Strategic Response Planning: Excelling in the SCS exam hinges on proficient answer planning. Before delving into your response, meticulous answer structuring is vital, involving outlining headings and organizing your ideas. This skill evolves through practice, and mock exams serve as the ideal platform for refinement. By meticulously organizing your answers in mock scenarios, you not only enhance your planning proficiency but also streamline the writing process, making it more efficient.
  3. Enhanced Thought Process: When initially presented with exam requirements, your thought process may be disjointed, causing ideas to flow in a disorganized manner, hampering coherent responses. Mock exams play a pivotal role in refining this thought process. As you practice structuring responses and utilise a word processor, you acquire the ability to systematically organize your thoughts. This structured approach ensures that your responses are lucid, logical, and easily comprehensible to examiners, significantly elevating your prospects of success in the SCS exam.

Price and duration

Our CIMA SCS Mock Exams offer you the opportunity to fine-tune your exam readiness, and we’ve designed a flexible pricing and duration structure to accommodate your needs:

  • Individual Mocks: Each MCS Mock Exam, whether it’s Mock #1, Mock #2, or Mock #3, is available for purchase at £30. This pricing option allows you to choose a specific mock based on your preparation preferences and requirements.
  • Package Deal: If you’re looking to bolster your exam readiness across multiple mocks, you can take advantage of our cost-effective package deal. Get access to all three mocks – for a bundled price of just £72. This package provides a comprehensive set of practice opportunities, allowing you to thoroughly assess and improve your readiness for the MCS exam.
  • Duration: When you purchase any of our SCS Mock Exams, you gain access to the mock for the upcoming sitting session.

Our flexible pricing and duration choices empower you to customize your mock exam experience according to your individual requirements, facilitating a more efficient and effective enhancement of your MCS exam performance.

Who is this package best for?

Our CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) Mock Exams are designed to cater to a specific set of learners who are looking for additional exam practice and flexibility. This package is ideal for:

  1. Cost-Conscious Candidates: If you’re mindful of your budget but require top-tier mock exams to reinforce your SCS exam readiness, our standalone mock options offer exceptional affordability.
  2. Enhancing Supplementary Courses: Whether you’re enrolled in an alternative CIMA course, be it a traditional classroom course or an online program, and you seek additional mock exams to amplify your practice, our mock exams seamlessly supplement your current study materials.
  3. Practice-Centric Approach: Tailored for individuals who possess the necessary study materials and resources for CIMA SCS preparation but seek additional mock exams to finesse their skills and strategies.

Our CIMA SCS Mock Exams offer cost-effective, targeted practice, making them the perfect complement for learners seeking to enhance their existing resources without straining their budget.

7-day money-back guarantee and pass assurance:

Our course comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase our product without risk. If you are unhappy with what you see, you will receive a complete refund. In the event that you do not pass the exam after completing our programme, we will extend it for free, as described in our pass assurance policy.


Enhance your CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam preparation with our CIMA SCS Mock Exams. Designed to offer cost-effective, flexible practice, these mocks are ideal for budget-conscious students, individuals complementing other courses, and those aiming for focused practice. Each mock (Mock #1, #2, or #3) is priced at £25, and you can save with our package of three mocks for £60. Prepare for your upcoming SCS exam session with tailor-made mock exams and increase your prospects of success.

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Refine your CIMA MCS exam skills affordably with our flexible Mock Exams. Ideal for focused practice and budget-conscious learners.