CIMA SCS Advanced Package

£199.00 for 1 year

£199.00 Valid until: 2024-06-02

Elevate your expertise with our intensive SCS video course. Access all the theories in one convenient place, hone your skills with our question bank, and put your knowledge to the test with lifelike simulated exams.

  • SCS Preparation Video Series
  • E3, F3 & P3 OT Revision Videos
  • Comprehensive Preseen Analysis Videos and PDFs
  • Preseen Analysis from E3, F3 & P3 Perspectives
  • 15 Single Writing Practice Tasks (5 for E3, 5 for F3, 5 for P3)
  • 5 Mock Exams with Solutions
  • Video Guide Demonstrating Solution Approach for Mock #4
  • 1 professional mock’s marking service
  • Supplementary Videos Covering Ethics, Writing Techniques, Hot IT Topics


Unlock success in the CIMA Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam with our meticulously tailored CIMA SCS Advanced package. Designed for ambitious individuals, it delivers comprehensive preparation, extensive exam practice, and professional marking services. We’re addressing a unique need in the market and propelling you to new heights in your SCS journey.

  • Discover a wealth of mock exams (5) to assess your knowledge, and that’s not all – our package includes 1 professional marking service.
  • The MCS Advanced package encompasses all the elements of the MCS Essentials package, with the following enhancements:
  • An additional 2 mock exams, totaling 5 mocks Professional mock exam marking services A video walkthrough for Mock #4

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive SCS Preparation Video Series: Commence your SCS journey with an in-depth understanding of case studies, exam expectations, structure mastery, and advanced planning and writing strategies.
  2. Advanced Technical Knowledge (E3, P3, F3): Dive deeper into the application of advanced technical knowledge from E3, P3, and F3 papers, enhancing your proficiency in applying this knowledge effectively within the SCS context.
  3. In-Depth Preseen Analysis: Elevate your commercial perspective with a comprehensive analysis of the preseen material, guided by our expert tutor. Gain deeper insights, real-world examples, and industry-specific knowledge.
  4. Identifying Threats and Opportunities: Explore potential threats and opportunities from P3, E3, and F3 perspectives, diving into a detailed analysis that covers core activities and “I can statements” from each OT paper.
  5. Advanced Practice Writing Tasks: Strengthen your writing skills with advanced practice tasks that simulate exam conditions. Develop your ability to craft structured and impactful answers, now with 5 tasks for each paper based on the current preseen.
  6. Extended Mock Exams: Access an expanded set of 5 professionally crafted mock exams tailored to the current preseen, providing you with more opportunities to refine your exam technique.
  7. Professional Mock Exam Marking Service: Benefit from a professional mock exam marking service by our experienced tutor, offering personalized feedback and insights to help you fine-tune your approach.
  8. Mock #4 Video Walkthrough: Gain valuable insights into tackling Mock #4 with a dedicated video walkthrough, providing expert guidance on answering and approaching this specific mock.
  9. Ethics Emphasis: Deepen your ethical knowledge with a condensed course, further enhancing your ethical decision-making skills.
  10. Last-Minute Confidence Boost: In the final week, receive a comprehensive summary of your entire preparation, last-minute tips, and a confidence boost to ensure you’re well-prepared for the exam day.

Price and duration

  • Package Cost: £199
  • Exam Sitting Specific: You purchase the package for a specific exam sitting.
  • Immediate Access: Gain access to the non-preseen related portion of the package as soon as you make your purchase.
  • Preseen-Specific Access: The preseen-specific part of the package becomes available on the preseen release date.
  • Email Notifications and Reminders: Stay informed with email notifications and reminders tailored to your exact sitting, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. “I’m planning for the February sitting, but it’s currently October. When will I gain access to the preseen-related content after purchase?

  • Answer: If you’re planning for the February sitting and it’s currently October, please note that you will gain access to the preseen-related content 7 weeks prior to the exam date, which is after the November session concludes. This timing ensures that all candidates have a fair and standardised preparation period. However, you will have immediate access to all non-preseen-related resources upon your purchase. This includes comprehensive revision materials for E3, P3, and F3, as well as the SCS Kickstarter series. These resources are designed to help you build a strong foundation and prepare effectively for your exam.

2. “What if I purchase the package for the November sitting but need to reschedule for February? How can I make this change?

  • Answer: If you’ve purchased the package for the November sitting but find that you need to reschedule for February, we recommend contacting our Customer Success team immediately to explore your options. If you have not yet accessed any of the package’s contents, our team can provide you with a link to switch your sitting for a £15 fee. However, if you have already utilised parts of your current package, we’re pleased to offer a discount code for the next sitting. This discount will range between 30%-50%, depending on the extent of usage of your current package. Our aim is to support your preparation journey, adapting to your needs as they evolve.

3. “I want to begin preparing for my May exam as early as February. Will I be able to do so if I purchase the package in February for the May sitting?

  • Answer: Absolutely. Starting in February, you’ll have access to non-preseen specific content, including the kickstarter and revisions. For the May (and November) sitting, we will release the preseen-specific portion on the day the preseen is made available, ensuring you have ample time to prepare.

4. Can you explain how the mock exam marking service functions?”

  • Answer: With the SCS Advanced package, you have access to 5 mock exams, each with its own solutions. If you’d like a professional tutor to review your work, simply submit your completed mock, specifying which one you’d like us to assess. Within 2 days, our tutor will meticulously evaluate your answers. You’ll receive feedback through our platform, and we’ll also notify you via email once your mock has been expertly marked.

Who is this package best for?

  • Self-Paced Achievers Committed to Serious SCS Exam Preparation
  • Candidates Seeking Comprehensive SCS Study with a Structured Approach
  • Budget-Conscious Individuals Eager to Elevate Their Skills
  • Aspirants Focused on Improvement and Precision, Utilising the Mock Exam Marking Service

7-day money-back guarantee and pass assurance:

Our course comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase our product without risk. If you are unhappy with what you see, you will receive a complete refund. In the event that you do not pass the exam after completing our programme, we will extend it for free, as described in our pass assurance policy.


Empower your CIMA SCS triumph with the SCS Advanced package. Command the advantage with ample resources, expert guidance, and advanced practice materials. Elevate your SCS journey today.

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