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CIMA OCS Ultimate Package

£369.00 for 1 year

£369.00 Valid until: 2024-05-19

Personalised guidance, 7 mocks, 5 mocks’ marking service with expert feedback, expanded resources, and dedicated tutor support with 3 personal online lessons—Guarantee Your OCS Success!

  • OCS Preparation Video Series
  • E1, F1 & P1 OT Revision Videos
  • Comprehensive Preseen Analysis Videos and PDFs
  • Preseen Analysis from E1, F1 & P1 Perspectives
  • 15 Single Writing Practice Tasks (5 for E1, 5 for F1, 5 for P1)
  • 5 Mock Exams with Solutions + 2 bonus BPP mocks
  • Focus pack based on past exam questions with model solutions
  • Video Guide Demonstrating Solution Approach for Mock #4
  • 5 professional mock marking service
  • Lecture Covering Potential Unseen Issues
  • Supplementary Videos Covering Ethics, Writing Techniques, Hot IT Topics
  • Dedicated tutor checking up on your progress on a weekly basis
  • 3 x 30 mins private online lessons with our tutor


Embark on your journey towards CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) success with our unparalleled CIMA OCS Ultimate package. Tailored for driven individuals like you, this package offers an all-encompassing preparation experience, intensive exam practice, and the invaluable guidance of a personal tutor.

Elevate your OCS preparation to the highest level with a comprehensive array of resources. Building upon the strong foundation of our Master package, the OCS Ultimate package includes 7 mock exams, 5 professional marking services to refine your skills, and an exclusive video addressing potential preseen issues.

What truly sets the OCS Ultimate package apart is the personal touch it brings to your learning journey. You’ll have the privilege of a dedicated tutor who will monitor your progress weekly, providing insights and strategies to excel in your OCS exam. Additionally, you can book three 30-minute one-on-one sessions with your tutor for tailored guidance and support.

With the CIMA OCS Ultimate package, you’re not just preparing for your exam; you’re crafting a path to mastery that ensures you’re well-equipped to face any challenge that comes your way. Your success story begins here.


The OCS Ultimate package encompasses all features of the OCS Master package while adding:

  • An extra mock exam from BPP (2 BPP mocks in total)
  • 2 mock exam marking services (5 in total)
  • A dedicated tutor checking your progress
  • 3 x 30 mins personal online lessons with our tutor

Key features

  1. Comprehensive OCS Preparation Video Series: Embark on your OCS journey with an in-depth exploration of case studies, advanced structure mastery, refined planning and writing strategies, and an extensive understanding of exam expectations.
  2. Technical Knowledge Revision (E1, P1, F1): Further extend your proficiency in applying technical knowledge from E1, P1, and F1 papers effectively within the OCS context.
  3. Thorough Preseen Analysis: Enhance your commercial insight with an extensive analysis of the preseen material, guided by our expert tutor. Gain deeper insights, real-world examples, and industry-specific knowledge.
  4. Identifying Threats and Opportunities: Explore potential threats and opportunities from P1, E1, and F1 perspectives, delving into a comprehensive analysis covering core activities and “I can statements” from each OT paper.
  5. Practice Writing Tasks: Sharpen your writing skills with advanced practice tasks, mirroring exam conditions. Develop your ability to craft structured and impactful answers, now with 5 tasks for each paper based on the current preseen.
  6. Extended Mock Exams: Access an expanded set of 5 professionally crafted mock exams tailored to the current preseen, providing more opportunities to hone your exam technique. Enjoy an additional 2 bonus mocks courtesy of BPP.
  7. Mock Exam Marking Service: Benefit from our professional mock exam marking service with 5 opportunities for personalised feedback, ensuring your approach is fine-tuned to perfection.
  8. Mock #4 Video Walkthrough: Gain valuable insights into tackling Mock #4 through a dedicated video walkthrough, expertly guiding you on answering and approaching this specific mock.
  9. Ethics Focus: Deepen your ethical knowledge with a condensed course, enhancing your ethical decision-making skills.
  10. Focus Pack – Past Questions with Solutions: Gain access to past questions with solutions from previous exam sittings, meticulously organized by core exam activity. These resources are print-friendly, offering an invaluable reference for your preparation.
  11. Lecture on Most Likely Preseen Issues: Stay ahead with a dedicated lecture on the most probable preseen issues, providing strategic insights for your exam strategy.
  12. Dedicated Tutor Support: Enjoy weekly tutor check-ins for personalized guidance, Q&A sessions,
  13. Three personal online lessons – You have the option to book three 30-minute sessions with your tutor, offering a tailored and immersive learning experience.

Price and duration

  • Package Cost: £369
  • Exam Sitting Specific: You purchase the package for a specific exam sitting.
  • Immediate Access: Gain access to the non-preseen related portion of the package as soon as you make your purchase.
  • Preseen-Specific Access: The preseen-specific part of the package becomes available on the preseen release date.
  • Email Notifications and Reminders: Stay informed with email notifications and reminders tailored to your exact sitting, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. “I’m planning for the February sitting, but it’s currently October. When will I gain access to the preseen-related content after purchase?

  • Answer: If you’re planning for the February sitting and it’s currently October, please note that you will gain access to the preseen-related content 7 weeks prior to the exam date, which is after the November session concludes. This timing ensures that all candidates have a fair and standardised preparation period. However, you will have immediate access to all non-preseen-related resources upon your purchase. This includes comprehensive revision materials for E1, P1, and F1, as well as the OCS Kickstarter series. These resources are designed to help you build a strong foundation and prepare effectively for your exam.

2. “What if I purchase the package for the November sitting but need to reschedule for February? How can I make this change?

  • Answer: If you’ve purchased the package for the November sitting but find that you need to reschedule for February, we recommend contacting our Customer Success team immediately to explore your options. If you have not yet accessed any of the package’s contents, our team can provide you with a link to switch your sitting for a £15 fee. However, if you have already utilised parts of your current package, we’re pleased to offer a discount code for the next sitting. This discount will range between 30%-50%, depending on the extent of usage of your current package. Our aim is to support your preparation journey, adapting to your needs as they evolve.

3. “I want to begin preparing for my May exam as early as February. Will I be able to do so if I purchase the package in February for the May sitting?

  • Answer: Absolutely. Starting in February, you’ll have access to non-preseen specific content, including the kickstarter and revisions. For the May (and November) sitting, we will release the preseen-specific portion on the day the preseen is made available, ensuring you have ample time to prepare.

4. Can you explain how the mock exam marking service functions?”

  • Answer: Certainly! With the OCS Master package, you have access to 5 mock exams written by the PTA team, each with its own solutions. If you’d like a professional tutor to review your work, simply submit your completed mock, specifying which one you’d like us to assess. Within 2 days, our tutor will meticulously evaluate your answers. You’ll receive feedback through our platform, and we’ll also notify you via email once your mock has been expertly marked.

5. “How can I book a personal session with my tutor, and what if there are no time slots available?

  • Answer: Booking a personal session with your tutor is hassle-free. All lessons take place directly through our tool, via Big Blue Button, eliminating the need for any additional software installation. To secure your session, please schedule it at least two days in advance using our scheduling tool, which displays your tutor’s availability.

In the rare event that no time slots are available, you have options. You can reach out to your tutor directly by sending a message via our tool (located in the top right corner). Alternatively, contact our customer service team, and they will assist in arranging a session for you. Please note that involving customer service may take a bit longer due to the additional coordination required, but we’re committed to ensuring you receive the support you need.

Who is this package best for?

  • Focused Learners Seeking Personalised Guidance: Ideal for individuals dedicated to achieving excellence in their OCS exam preparation, who value personalised attention, and are committed to enhancing their writing skills with expert feedback.
  • Aspirants Demanding Comprehensive and Structured Study: Suited for candidates who seek a comprehensive and structured approach to their OCS study, providing a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the exam’s intricacies.
  • Determined Writers Eager to Hone Their Skills: Tailored for those who aspire to excel in their writing abilities, with an emphasis on crafting structured, impactful answers through extensive practice with five mock exams.
  • Individuals Appreciating Expert Assessment: Designed for individuals who value expert assessment and guidance, particularly in the form of mock exam evaluations, ensuring they are well-prepared and equipped for success in the OCS exam.

7-day money-back guarantee and pass assurance:

Our course comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase our product without risk. If you are unhappy with what you see, you will receive a complete refund. In the event that you do not pass the exam after completing our programme, we will extend it for free, as described in our pass assurance policy.


With the OCS Ultimate package, you’ll have access to a comprehensive suite of resources, extensive expert support, and exclusive features to ensure you’re fully equipped to master the CIMA OCS exam with confidence. Elevate your OCS journey to its ultimate level today.

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