CIMA OCS Free Package



Unlock the doors to OCS success with our CIMA OCS Free Package. Start your journey towards mastering the Operational Case Study exam with free OCS introduction series and a mini mock today.

  • Introduction to CIMA OCS:
    • Series of videos on Operational Case Studies.
    • Insights on exam design, format, and preparation.
  • Writing Practice – Mini Mock:
    • Realistic exam emulation.
    • Three Writing Assignments:
      • P1: Analytical focus.
      • F1: Financial acumen.
      • E1: Enterprise insights.


Welcome to our CIMA OCS Free Package, your gateway to understanding and excelling in the CIMA Operational Case Study (OCS) exam. We’re committed to providing you with the essential knowledge and hands-on practice necessary to kickstart your OCS journey.

What is included

  • Introduction Lesson to CIMA OCS: Get a solid foundation with our comprehensive introduction lesson. Discover the rationale behind the OCS exam’s design, why it mirrors real-world business scenarios, and your pivotal role within it. Learn about the assessment criteria, exam format, and gain insights into effective preparation strategies. Benefit from valuable tips shared by past successful students.
  • Writing Practice – Mini Mock: Put your knowledge into action with our Mini Mock, a vital part of your OCS preparation. You’ll receive three single tasks, each designed to simulate a real exam scenario. These tasks are flexible, allowing you to tackle them at your convenience, with each one taking approximately 45 minutes. Sharpen your analytical and writing skills as you experience a taste of what the OCS exam demands.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Introduction: Gain a deep understanding of the CIMA OCS exam, its purpose, structure, and what’s expected of you as a candidate.
  • Practical Insight: Get a firsthand feel for the OCS exam through our Mini Mock, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned.
  • Flexibility: Study at your own pace and convenience, ensuring that your learning aligns with your schedule.
  • Decision-Making: Use this free package to assess if our premium offerings are the right fit for your learning journey.


Upon registration for the “CIMA OCS Free Package”, you will be granted immediate access to the selected parts of the current preseen package. Please be aware that this access will remain active only up to the end of the respective examination session. Ensure you utilise the provided resources before the access expiration.

Who is this package best for

  • Platform Testers: Get a firsthand look at our user-friendly platform and material presentation.
  • OCS First-Timers: A head start for those new to the OCS exam landscape and seeking an introduction.
  • Premium Previewers: Taste the quality before diving deep with our comprehensive premium package.


Experience the gold standard of exam preparation with our CIMA OCS Free Package. Don’t just take our word for it – sign up now and witness the excellence firsthand!

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