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Get the official BPP CIMA F1 Financial Reporting ebooks (coursebook, exam practice materials) now with PTA discounts!



Looking for high-quality study materials to assist you in passing the exam? Practice Tests Academy is presently accessible! As an authorised BPP partner, we are pleased to offer their entire online book catalogue on our site. With rapid access to BPP’s online viewable e-books through our sophisticated PDF viewer, you can immediately begin preparing for success. After 12 months, access to these materials will expire.

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What do we offer

  • The official CIMA F1 study Coursebook for CIMA F1, is immediately viewable via our website. Our resell price of £23 provides a discount from BPP’s listed price of £29.60.
  • The official CIMA F1 Exam Practice ebook, which includes around 200 questions and answers and 1 additional mock exam. Our resell price is £13 provides a discount from BPP’s listed price of £16.80.

Important information regarding BPP study materials

  • Our BPP study materials are available for online viewing only, and cannot be downloaded as pdfs or printed.
  • The materials will be accessible online for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • You will get access to the latest editions of BPP materials.
  • Since the materials are not our own and are processed immediately after purchase, we are unable to provide a money-back guarantee or pass assurance.

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