CIMA Certificate Level – Practice and Revision Kits Bundle

From: £210.00 every 6 months, and
£77.00 for 6 months

From: £210.00 every 6 months, and
£77.00 for 6 months

Elevate Your CIMA Certificate Level Achievement with Our Premier Practice and Revision Kits Bundle! Benefit from a full year of access and enjoy a 30% discount.

“Boost Your CIMA Certificate Level Success with Our Premier Practice and Revision Bundle!”

  • Extended Access: Enjoy a year of access, exceeding the usual six months.
  • Increased Savings: Get a 30% discount on the comprehensive bundle.
  • Fixed Mock Exams: Access six mock exams per paper, streamlining your exam strategy.
  • Expanded Question Bank: Utilize over 500 questions per paper, plus an additional 125+ revision questions.
  • Efficient Learning: Use our smart platform for customized sessions and targeted practice.
  • Optimized Study Options: Tailor your prep with flexible session settings and exam simulations.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: A complete toolset for mastering the Certificate Level.

CIMA BA1 Practice & Revision Kit

Comprehensive CIMA BA1 Practice and Revision Kit: Extensive package for BA1 paper. Covers theory, 500 Q&A, 5 mocks by PTA tutors, bonus mocks by Kaplan and BPP, plus 130 additional questions. Boost confidence and skills for success.

CIMA BA2 Practice & Revision Kit

Comprehensive CIMA BA2 Practise and Revision Kit: a comprehensive bundle for the BA2 paper. Includes theory, 500 questions, 5 mock exams by PTA tutors, supplementary mock exams by Kaplan and BPP, and an additional 130 questions. Enhance self-assurance and talents for success.

CIMA BA3 Practice & Revision Kit

Comprehensive CIMA BA3 Practice and Revision Kit: a thorough package for the BA3 paper. Includes theory, 500 questions, five mock exams administered by PTA tutors, additional mock exams administered by Kaplan and BPP, and 130 additional questions. Enhance self-assurance and success-related skills.

CIMA BA4 Practice & Revision Kit

Comprehensive CIMA BA4 Practice and Revision Kit: an exhaustive package for the BA4 paper. Contains theory, 500 questions, five mock exams conducted by PTA tutors, extra mock exams from Kaplan and BPP, and 130 additional questions. Designed to boost confidence and skills crucial for success.

“Elevate Your CIMA Certificate Level Preparation with Our Comprehensive Revision and Practice Kits Bundle!”

Unlock your potential at the CIMA Certificate Level exams with our all-in-one Revision and Practice Kits Bundle. Designed specifically for the BA1, BA2, BA3, and BA4 papers, this enhanced bundle combines the rigour of practice with the depth of revision, ensuring a well-rounded mastery of the certificate level syllabus.

What Sets Our Bundle Apart:

  • Extended Access Period: Secure a full year’s access to our advanced Revision and Practice Kits, meticulously curated to extend your learning period and deepen your comprehension of the syllabus.
  • Exceptional Value: Benefit from an unmatched 30% discount on our all-encompassing bundle, making your exam preparation journey both efficient and economical.
  • Comprehensive Exam Preparation: With six meticulously designed mock exams for each paper, our bundle focuses your study efforts and enhances your readiness for the CIMA Certificate Level exams.
  • Expansive Question Bank: Delve into an extensive selection of over 500 questions per paper, structured by topic for targeted practice, and further enriched with an additional 125+ revision questions to reinforce your understanding.
  • Sophisticated Learning Platform: Leverage our cutting-edge platform, which includes customisable practice sessions and an “Ask-a-tutor” feature for bespoke, on-demand academic support.
  • Flexible Practice Options: Tailor your practice with adjustable session settings, including the choice between immediate feedback and timed exam simulations, to better align with your personal study preferences.
  • Concise Learning Materials: Access streamlined, summarised chapter lessons accompanied by illustrative flashcards (20 per chapter), designed to expedite your review process and solidify your grasp of key concepts.
  • Engaging Revision Tools: Our bundle is crafted to encourage active learning and ensure lasting knowledge retention, equipping you thoroughly for success in your CIMA Certificate Level exams.
  • Kaplan Partnership: Includes options to integrate Kaplan’s summarized study materials at a preferential rate, offering a succinct overview of essential theories, alongside the opportunity to add official Kaplan eBooks to your package for a comprehensive theory exploration.

Bundle Features:

  • Vast Question Database: Access to 500 meticulously crafted exam-style questions for each paper, supplemented with an additional 125+ revision questions, ensuring full syllabus coverage.
  • Six Comprehensive Mocks: Receive six meticulously designed mock exams per paper to fine-tune your exam tactics, including unique additional mocks contributed by Kaplan and BPP for a real exam feel.
  • Exclusive Kaplan Materials: Benefit from direct access to Kaplan’s Integrated Workbook, summarising key study texts, and the option to integrate Kaplan eBooks for a complete theoretical understanding.
  • Engaging Revision Tools: Utilize flashcards and chapter-specific revision questions within our interactive revision module to bolster your memory and understanding.
  • Dedicated Tutor Assistance: Take advantage of our “ask-a-tutor” feature, guaranteeing responses to your inquiries within 48 hours for personalised support.

Exclusive Offers:

  • Adaptable Pricing Schemes: Select from our packages, with or without Kaplan’s supplementary resources, designed to accommodate your study needs and financial plan.
  • Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee: Start your study journey with confidence thanks to our 7-day money-back guarantee, assuring complete satisfaction with your purchase.
  • Assured Success Policy: With our commitment to your achievement, if you don’t pass your exam after thorough engagement with our materials, we’ll provide additional access time at no extra charge.”

The CIMA Certificate Level Practice and Revison Kits Bundle is not just a set of questions; it’s a comprehensive preparation tool designed to deepen your understanding and equip you for success in your CIMA Certificate Level exams.

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