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CIMA P2 Practice Kit

From: £44.00 for 6 months

Original price was: £55.00.Current price is: £44.00. for 6 months

Utilise this CIMA P2 practice questions kit to prepare for your upcoming Advanced Management Accounting exams. Select one, three, or five practice mocks to maximise your potential. Do not disregard the value provided by this kit! Buy now.

CIMA P2 Practice Questions Kit

  • 600+ Exam-Style Questions: Master the format with questions mirroring the real exam, written by experts to test your knowledge.
  • Personalized Learning: Focus your studies by targeting specific chapters or question types for maximum efficiency.
  • 5 Mock Exams (Optional): Replicate the real experience and build confidence by simulating the exam environment.
  • Expert Support: Uncover your strengths and weaknesses with detailed feedback. Get expert guidance with our “ask-a-tutor” feature, no question is off-limits!
  • Risk-Free Guarantee & Pass Assurance: Study with confidence – enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee and a pass assurance policy.


Exam-style questions must be practised in order to familiarise oneself with the test environment and increase one’s prospects of success. You have access to hundreds of exam-style questions, simulated exams, and detailed performance feedback with CIMA P2 practice questions kits.

Why CIMA P2 Practice Questions kit?

Not only does practising questions help with time management, but it also reinforces your understanding of the theory and improves your exam performance by stimulating your intellect. However, locating high-quality study materials can be challenging. Many instructional materials only comprise 200-250 PDF questions.

Therefore, we have developed a CIMA computer-based P2 practice questions package with over 600 professionally written questions based on the chapter organisation of the Kaplan book. You will receive comprehensive feedback after each question, which will assist you in understanding why a particular answer is correct and enhancing your performance. You can use feedback to establish objectives and track your progress towards improvement. You can use the “ask-a-tutor” icon to obtain additional information if you have trouble understanding the feedback or if you require additional information. This can help you clarify any misunderstandings and obtain a deeper comprehension of the topic.

Price and duration

CIMA P2 practice questions packages include both practise questions and exam-simulating mocks to aid in your success. Each P2 practice kit is applicable for six months, providing ample time to hone your abilities.

Choose from three distinct P2 practice kit variations based on your requirements and budget:

  • Practice kit with Mock #1 for £55.
  • Practice kit with 3 x Mocks for £72.
  • Practice kit with 5 additional mocks for £89.

Please be advised that our tutors have written a total of 5 mocks, including Mock #1 in the set of 3 mocks and 3 mocks in the set of 5 mocks.

What is included?

  • CIMA P2 practice questions kit consists of a question bank and a mock(s) exams.
  • The study guide contains 600 exam-style questions covering every topic on the most recent syllabus.
  • You are able to devise your own practise session, choose specific chapters, select the number of questions, practise only new questions, or review the questions you answered incorrectly..
  • Each question bank is available to be bought with one of three options: 1 mock, 3 mocks, or 5 mocks.
  • The set of 3 mocks includes Mock #1, #2 & #3, while the set of 5 mocks includes 3 mocks in addition to the 2 extra mocks (#4 & #5).
  • The mocks are designed to mimic the actual exam environment, and each mock includes 60 questions that cover all aspects of the syllabus.
  • You can access tutors anytime using our ask-a-tutor feature, and you will receive a response within 48 hours.
  • At the end of each test, you will receive a detailed analysis of your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement.

Why our practice kit is essential for your P2 success?

Unrivalled number of questions – with our CIMA P2 practise package, you will have access to over 660 questions and up to 900 questions if you choose to purchase 5 mock exams. This is an unrivalled quantity of questions, affording ample opportunities to practise and increase one’s understanding of the topics.

Personalised practice sessions – by selecting specific chapters and the number of questions to answer, you can customise your own practice session. Additionally, you can choose to practise only new questions or your incorrectly answered questions. This feature customises your educational experience to your specific needs.

Real exam experience – our practise exams are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, preparing you for test day. As with the actual examination, the practice tests comprise of 60 questions covering the entire course. Using our practice tests will help you acquire confidence and enhance your exam technique.

Detailed feedback – following each examination, you will receive a detailed analysis of your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback will aid you in identifying the subject areas on which you should focus and enhancing your examination technique.

Who is this package best for?

  • Ideal for students who need effective exam practise
  • Ideal for students who have ample time before an exam to practise a large number of questions.
  • Offers an organised and structured method for preparing for the CIMA P2 examination.

7-day money-back guarantee and pass assurance:

We provide a seven-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. If you fail your exam after completing our programme, we will provide you with a free extension.


With our P2 Practice Kit, you can prepare for the CIMA exam. You will gain the confidence and knowledge necessary for success by completing hundreds of exam-style questions and simulated practice exams. Utilise our P2 Practice Kit to begin your path to CIMA success today.

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