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Each OT package includes:

  • 500 challenging questions with answers online
  • split by syllabus parts, according to their weights (eg. F1 Part A is 10%, B is 45% etc.)
  • detailed results feedback by Kaplan's chapters (official CIMA publisher)
  • study mode (instant answer) or exam simulator
  • unlimited number of mocks (under exam conditions)

The number 1 thing to help you pass your CIMA exams is an EXAM PRACTICE!

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See what CIMA students, who have already passed their CIMA exams, say about what is the most important PASS factor:


“You need to practice A LOT of different questions”

“I have gone through the practice questions from different providers”

“I did all the questions in the practice and revision kit and the practice papers online”

“The kit questions seemed so much easier than the actual exam. Much easier”

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These materials seemed to do the trick

I'd also like to thank you for your website, and the many different products you offer.  I bought the P2 mock exam back in October as I had failed the real exam a few times and felt I needed some more help. I then failed it again, and was starting to get frustrated.  I went on to your website to see what else I could do, and found I could upgrade the mock to the 500 Q pack, and also had a discount code, so that was perfect.  I went over questions in every syllabus area, and that seemed to do the trick as the next exam I passed. 

I will be looking to continue that through 2018!

(Andrew has passed P2 and is preparing for Strategic level with us).

I passed with a score of 146 out of 150

Thanks to Practise Test Academy I passed BA3 with a score of 146 out of 150. I haven't studied in 30 years and I was always an average student so this was a shock as I didn't know what to expect.

Julies score


Here at Practice Tests Academy 

we specialise in preparing high-quality, exam-like questions.

Let us help you pass your CIMA exam!

Take advantage of our best-selling practice testsWhat do you have to lose?

Study the right way and save money by NOT repeating your exams. You will eventually use a practice kit. Why not to use ours with literally hundreds of relevant questions?

I cannot guarantee you'll pass. I wish I could, really... Unfortunately I cannot do the work for you, but I can make it more pleasant and easier. The numbers speak for itself - the more you practice, the higher results you'll get. 

Still skeptical? OK, think about your last OT exam. Based on your experience, how would you improve your exam preparation? What could you have done differently? Did you do enough practice?

Justyna Practice Tests Academy

Justyna, the founder of Practice Tests Academy

Personally I've gone through that exercise when I failed my F3 exam back in 2015. It was painful… At that time I've decided that I don't want anyone else through that experience.

I gathered CIMA tutors from accredited institutes and qualified business professionals who created the most complete database of exam questions.

You don't need to look any further for more practice tests for Your CIMA exams. You have them all here!

Practice Tests Academy became my passion project. My goal is to reach out and help as many CIMA students as I can.

Customer Service is really important to me so I respond to every sent email personally. Try me - ask me anything at


CIMA 500+ Practice Questions Package

Key features of any 500 Q&A packages:

  • 500 original questions per each CIMA professional paper. 
  • Based on the updated 2018 Kaplan resources (no copy paste from any practice kits, we take CIMA Integrity Principle very seriously).
  • There are 2 practice modes: study & exam. Just have a look at what we offer for P3 exam.
  • Within study mode, you can practice each syllabus part separately. You get an instant detailed feedback.
  • Within exam mode, you have a mix of questions covering the whole syllabus accordingly to syllabus' weights.
  • There is an unlimited number of mocks with 60 (full) and 30 (mini version) questions, which are randomly taken from the questions database.
  • There is an additional 60q mock exam with original questions to assess your readiness before the final exam.
  • The results section (my favourite) that shows you how well you've performed on each syllabus part and even on the subparts.

Here is a sneak peak of our CIMA practice tests

This is how the inside of each package looks like. 


First screen after login:

Question split per each syllabus part:

Start your mock:

Multiple choice question with answer:

Fill in the blank question with answer:

Detailed results screen:

Does it look like something that could help you PASS your CIMA exam?

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Each professional level 500 Q&A package costs £55 and gives you access to the online tool for 180 days.

Each certificate level 500 Q&A package costs £45 and gives you also access to the online tool for 180 days.

£55 for a limited time

access for 180 days


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