More free questions for You to practice

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We are exchanging our free packages!

From now on we are gradually going to exchange the design and content of free practice tests packages. Till now you were able to have a look at our study mode and exam mode tests just to get a feel. But I felt that was a bit misleading as you couldn't really see how does the full 500 Q&A package looks and functions. 

We've decided to change that! Our flagship 500 Q&A packages are praised by our students so we decided to stop hiding them. 

From 22nd of May 2018:

  • you will be able to see exactly how our complete package looks like,
  • you will have access to 1 complete chapter in a study mode (meaning the test is not timed and you get a detailed answer after every attempted question). That means you can practice MORE questions - between 20-30!
  • we've also increased the number of our mini mocks - now you can attempt 8 questions from the whole syllabus (number of questions accordingly to the syllabus)

You will see how many questions we have in each part and in each chapter, you won't be able to access them (those buttons have been greyed out). 

Where can I sign up for those free questions?

  • If you have already signed up for our free questions before (back then we called them demos), you actually have access to them right now :) we've just exchanged the old packages with the new ones.
  • If you have an account with us, just login, click on the "I want more free questions" and add the paper you'd like to test.
  • If you are completely new to Practice Tests Academy, then please sign up for your free questions. We'd love to have you! You can sign up either on every product page.

Or simply SIGN UP below.