OCS Revisions

OCS Revisions

Revision of the E1, F1 and P1 papers from the Operational Case Study perspective.
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OCS Revisions

How do you start preparing for your upcoming Operational Case Study (OCS) exam? A typical student would start with revising the theory of E1, F1 and P1 papers. But how do you go about it? Like our tutor Pete says "you have already passed those OT exams" - now it is the time to review only the bits that could be useful for your Operational Case Study. Now it is the time to go through the theory and only concentrate on the topics, that you can use when you write your responses.

But which are those topics? Now this is where our video course comes handy! Our tutor, based on his enourmous experience with teaching Case Studies, has selected all the important pieces for you. Each video is between 47 mins to 1h 20 mins long. 

What's included in the course?

Have a look at the video that we've prepared for you. It covers the introduction to OCS.

OCS Revisions package consists of 3 videos:

  • E1 Revisions - which is the backbone of the OCS exam, covers all the important topics from the E1 (Managing finance in a digital world) paper. It lasts for 1h 19 mins.
  • F1 Revisions - covers topics from the F1 (Financial Reporting) paper and lasts for 46 mins.
  • P1 Revisions - covers topics from the final paper P1 (Management Accounting) and lasts for 53 mins.