F1 Practice Kit for 24 hrs

F1 Practice Kit for 24 hrs

24 hrs access to 600 exam-mimicking practice questions for CIMA F1 paper
  • 24 hoursCourse Duration
  • CIMA Operational LevelPackage Type
  • £12.00
  • Practice Kit, Practice Kit for 24 hrsProduct Type

CIMA F1 Practice Kit for 24 hrs

Unsure if the F1 Practice Kit is the right package for you? Feel hesitant about spending £55 at once? Or perhaps your exam is in the next few days and you only need 1 or 2 days of practice? Our 1-day package might be the perfect solution for you! You can select a date for your package to start and you can even renew this if you need additional days to practice.

About F1 Practice Kit

Complement your CIMA F1 studies with our complete set of 600+ questions and answers for CIMA F1 objective test valid for 24 hours (and you can select which day)

You will be able to attempt questions at your own pace, getting instant feedback on your answers and an explanation of the correct answer. This study mode allows you to focus on specific syllabus areas. 

Whether you attempt a mock exam or focus your studies on a specific topic, you will always receive a detailed analysis of how you are progressing.