E3 Practice Kit

E3 Practice Kit

More than 600 exam-mimicking practice questions for CIMA E3 paper
  • 180 daysCourse Duration
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CIMA E3 Practice Kit

About E3 Practice Kit

Complement your CIMA E3 studies with our complete set of 600+ questions and answers for CIMA E3 objective test

You will be able to attempt questions at your own pace, getting instant feedback on your answers and an explanation of the correct answer. This study mode allows you to focus on specific syllabus areas. 

Whether you attempt a mock exam or focus your studies on a specific topic, you will always receive a detailed analysis of how you are progressing.


Average Rating

100% 3 Ratings

Tsutomu Miura

2 Years ago

I just resat the E3 exam today and passed it according to the test center's provisional grade. This time I practiced a lot on the practice test academy. I am really happy to encounter this useful practice kit. Thank you very much. I will keep you informed of my study progress.

Aswathy Sreekumar

2 Years ago

I am very excited to let you know that I cleared my P3 exam on 15/11/2018. Thanks a lot to PTA for the 500 Q and A package. All the questions in the package and the mock exam really helped me get through the exam. I was also a student with PTA for E3 as well. I am looking forward to learning F3 with PTA as well.

Avanthi Perera

2 Years ago

I would like to inform you that I did pass E3 with a score of 107 in November 2018 it was my third attempt since 2015 after the start of the new online exams. I had basically given up on wanting to sit any CIMA exam with the frustration of failing E3, but I would like to say practice test academy questions did help me pass the exam the third time.

Also would like to mention that I did my exam within 2 months of practice. Hoping to take up P3 next. Maybe I would finally walk towards my dream of becoming a Management Accountant.

Once again would like to thank you for the support rendered by Practice test academy in helping students achieve their CIMA dream in an Asian country like mine. Keep up with your good work, thank you.