E2 Study Notes

E2 Study Notes

CIMA E2 printable summary notes by PTA, based on Kaplan's study book
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CIMA E2 Summary Notes

About E2 Summary Notes

If you have seen the size of the official E2 study book and felt even slightly overwhelmed, our study texts are the perfect solution for you. 

We've summarised the latest Kaplan resources using our own words. We've studied the science of learning and we've realised that not only do you need quality materials, but also they need to be visually appealing so that you stay motivated throughout your study phase. That's what we pride ourselves on. 

Our materials not only summarise the theory needed to pass your P2 exam, they're also filled with lots of examples and images. Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Also, let's not forget about bullet points, which are proven to increase your brain's retention of the materials. 

Don't take our word for it - check it out yourself!

See the E2 Chapter 1 (The Concept of business ecosystems) summary for free.

CIMA E2 Study Notes