E2 Single Mock

E2 Single Mock

1 CIMA E2 mock with 60 exam-mimicking-questions
  • 90 daysCourse Duration
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CIMA E2 Kaplan materials book study text

CIMA E2 Single Mock

About E2 Single Mock

Test yourself on 60 questions under exam conditions and get a full report indicating your strengths and weaknesses.

You'll find out which parts (or even chapters from the Kaplan study book) you're good at and which areas you need to improve on.

You'll be able to go through the mock, check the answers you've selected and compare your answers with the correct ones.

CIMA E2 mock

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2 Years ago

Yes I found the layout the same but the best benefit was the questions and the language which was used and the way they were phased.

These were the closest I found to the exam type and it gave me practice at assessing them quickly and choosing an answer which was great.

Thanks for all your help.