CIMA F3 Master

CIMA F3 Master

F3 pre-recorded video lectures with a large question bank and mocks (ca 900 qs!)
  • 180 daysCourse Duration
  • CIMA Strategic LevelPackage Type
  • £159.00
  • Mocks, Practice Kit, Video LecturesProduct Type

The Master Package is the perfect combination of flexible learning that is on-demand, using an expert tutor-led online video course and a blend of high quality like-for-like exam questions that will not only improve your learning and preparation, but will instil you with the much needed confidence that you need to pass your E3 exam on your first attempt.

Our Master Package is packed with questions and detailed answers to take you through your studies. You can dive straight in and start testing your knowledge with our tailor-ready question bank and even get to grips with the live exam format by taking a mock exam.

You will find that here we have added 6 mock exams. Here at the Academy we do understand how important it is to practise and test yourself to make sure you are exam ready. Mocks are crucial to your exam success, and that is why we have included so many of them. That is also why we have asked one of our tutors to go through mock #4 and on screen analyse all the questions for you, so you can get the first-hand experience of how to attempt question in an exam environment.

This Kit has the added benefit of end-of-chapter mini-tests, downloadable summary notes, video guides and lectures as well. Chapter mini-tests, or end-of-chapter questions will introduce you to the concept of blended learning, you will watch the video with theory and you will test yourself on how well you have understood the concepts covered in that pre-recorded video lecture right after the lecture. Our tutor Pete has explained everything in a very organised, but also condensed way, as we believe that there is no point in spending hours while you can cover the topic in 20 or 30 minutes. It is better to spend that energy attempting questions from our question bank instead!

All of our packages are covered by our 7 day money-back guarantee and pass assurance.

If you have any questions about our content or you wish to have something clarified then you can use our handy tool to ask our tutors any questions and they will usually respond within 24-48 hrs.