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Expert CIMA SCS Preparation Approach

Congratulations on reaching the final stage of your CIMA studies and preparing to take on the critical role of a senior finance manager. As you move towards this pivotal moment, it is crucial to showcase your mastery of the knowledge, skills, and techniques acquired throughout your studies, demonstrating a higher perspective with supporting evidence. This is your chance to prove yourself and make it count - it's the final role-play before you embark on your real-world journey as a finance professional.

At the Academy, we understand what it takes to succeed and have all the resources to motivate and guide you towards a successful outcome. Our innovative case study materials include the following:

  • Technical Knowledge Overview
  • Full and Up to Date Preseen Analysis
  • Mock Exams
  • Case Study Tasks
  • Revision Kits
  • Video Guides
  • Personalised Tuition
  • Personalised Mock Marking


What is being examined

The Case Study Examination provides a simulated context which allows learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role. Those five core activities are:

  1. Evaluate opportunities to add value.
  2. Implement senior management decisions.
  3. Manage performance and costs to aid value creation.
  4. Measure performance.
  5. Manage internal and external stakeholders.

Each of those core activities will have 15%-25% weight on the exam.

Examination approach
  • The examination lasts three hours. A 15-minute tutorial is available before the start of the examination to allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the test driver.
  • The examination has four sections (tasks), which are each 45-minutes long. All sections are equally weighted. Candidates may finish a section early and move on to the next but cannot return to previous sections in the time remaining.
  • There may be more than one sub-task within each section and an indication of how long to spend on each sub-task will be given to allow candidates to manage their time. If no weighting is given, then candidates should assume that the sub-tasks are equally weighted.
  • More than one core activity will normally be assessed in each section/task and the order of core activities and assessment outcomes in the blueprint does not reflect how these might be structured in the examination.
  • All core activities will be assessed in each form of the examination in line with the weightings. 
  • The examination requires constructed, written responses from candidates in the format of a range of business communications (for example, emails, memos, reports and briefing notes).

Our CIMA Strategic
Case Study Packages

Check out what we have on offer and remember, you have the option to upgrade during your subscription, if you need to. All of our packages are covered by our 7-day money back guarantee and pass assurance.


   Preseen Analysis Set
   Theory Revisions
   3 Mocks + 15 Tasks

   incl. SCS Essential pack
   5 Mocks in total
   1 Mock Marking Service

   incl. SCS Advanced pack
   6 Mocks in total
   3 Mocks Marking Service

   incl. SCS Master pack
   3 x personal lessons
   5 Mocks Marking Service


key facts
about the
SCS exam


Case Study tasks are not based around calculations

It’s all about explaining how financial activity can affect the business you are in.

We have everything in place to help you stay on track and improve on your writing technique so that you can keep the examiner satisfied and gain those extra marks.


Use technical knowledge of the theory from the F3, P3 and E3 syllabi

You must have all the key concepts mastered and have them ready to adapt into your answers. 

We have prepared a high quality revision package for this purpose, which has been used widely in helping successful students pass their SCS exam.


Detailed, thought-out paragraphs and not lengthy essays

Case Study exams are marked by humans after all. Write your answers in short paragraphs and keep in mind that examiners want to see quality over quantity

We have a marking service here, where you can get a mock exam assessed by our in-house expert and detailed feedback will be provided to you, so that you can improve on your answers.


The preseen is available 7 weeks before the exam and you should understand every aspect of it

This is crucial, because on exam day, you will be given ‘unseen’ information, which will tie in perfectly with the preseen. 

We will scrutinise the preseen and present you with clear detailed facts so that you are left with no uncertainty on exam day.


Slow typing speed may affect your score

You really are expected to type a lot of information in a short space of time so it's important to practise your typing speed in advance so that you don’t have any nasty surprises on exam day. 

20 words a minute should suffice as good typing speed when inputting your case study answers.


Study & Exam Materials here

Our SCS Free Package comes with great features, plus instant access to the following materials:

Current Preseen

Current Preseen

Access to the selected current pre-seen materials and preparation videos, e.g. a deep dive into your role at the exam.

Mini Mock

Mini Mock

3 Practical Tasks with solutions, covering E3, P3 and F3 papers. All carefully prepared for the current SCS preseen.

Immediate access

Immediate access

Get instant and lifetime access to our newest SCS free materials.

Exam simulator

Exam simulator

Practise the above mini mock under exam conditions i.e. timed and using the similar word-processor, so you can improve your writing technique.

for your FREE package

Our SCS Packages

- for Nov'23 - Feb'24 Exam Window (the preseen has been released on the 29.09, our packages are aslmost complete!)

Preseen and Industry Analysis Videos
Apply E3, P3, F3 to the Preseen Videos
Theory Revision Videos
Case Study Preparation Series
15 x Writing Practice Tasks
Professional Mocks With Solutions 3 5 6 7
Guided Learning
Email Course Reminders
Mock Exam Walkthrough
Professional Mock Marking Service 1 3 5
Commonly Tested SCS topics
Most Likely Unseen Issues
Private 1to1 Tutor Lessons (30min) 3
Personal Tutor Guidance
5* Tutor Support
Pass Assurance, Money Back Guarantee


- outstanding quality- 

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1, 2 or 3 high-standard mock exams

Solutions and marking guide included

Written by Case Study experts


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Professional mocks marking service

Notes from our Case Study Experts

2-3 days turnaround time


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3 revision videos covering E3, P3 and F3

Downloadable SCS summary notes

Created from Case Study perspective

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Our pass assurance is firmly in place should you fail your exam while subscribed to our package. We doubt it can happen if you follow the steps accordingly, but just in case, we have you fully covered. Just send us evidence of your failed attempt and we will extend your package over to the next exam window for you.