With our brand new user interface and leading course-ware material, you won't find better value anywhere else! Our high quality P3 preparation packages are designed to arm you with the knowledge and confidence you need to pass this exam. Whether you are a complete beginner to self study, or a dedicated long-term student, we will have the perfect package to suit your needs. 

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How to Approach Your P3 Exam

How you should approach your P3 exam is really down to your own individual circumstances and needs -and these factors should be thought out before you create your study plan. If you go straight into studying without an actual plan, you could find that you will go round in circles and, in turn, be met with disappointment when you find that you have to start all over again! 

If you are unsure, then you can try the most common approach amongst the most successful P3 students. This 5-step approach is a proven method and a sure-fire way to arm you with the skills and confidence you need for exam day:

  1. Book your exam at the very beginning of your P3 studies
  2. Find a recognised and recommended CIMA provider for study resources (with mock exams)
  3. Set either a daily or weekly study schedule... and stick to it
  4. Assess your strengths and weaknesses early-on by completing mock exams from the start
  5. Tackle any weaknesses, focus on areas you most struggle with, revise them and test your progress

With the above steps in place, it will be almost impossible to go wrong. We will have you covered in areas that you need it most and our staff and tutors will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 

Our CIMA P3 Risk Management Packages

Our P3 packages are suited to all students needs, whether you are a complete beginner and require a more hands-on approach or a well versed student who knows exactly what they are looking for. Our packages have been designed and perfected over the years and not only that, but we are the most competitive provider on the market. Check out what we have on offer and see for yourself that we leave no-stone unturned when it comes to preparing accountancy exams. 

Did you know that our packages can be upgraded and, as well as that, they are covered by our 7-day money back guarantee? This means if you are not satisfied after using your package, you have 7 days in which to request a refund. 

Sounds easy?... It really is!


   Practice Kit with 600 qs
   Additional 1 Mock
   Tutor Support

(practice kit with 1 mock)

   incl. P3 Essential pack
   5 Mocks in total
   Chapter flashcards

(practice kit with 5 mocks)

   incl. P3 Advanced pack
   6 Mocks in total
   Chapter video lectures

(practice kit with 6 mocks and
video lectures, overall ±1000qs)

   incl. P3 Master pack
   Revision Module
   Kaplan study ebook

(complete course, 1200+ qs,
revision module and dedicated tutor)
CIMA P3 mocks

"the mock really helped me get through the exam"
- Aswathy Sreekumar


An option to select a single mock #1 or a pack of 3 (mocks #1-3, for a reduced price)

Exam-mimicking CIMA P3 Mocks

Real exam experience

Detailed feedback upon completion

2019 syllabus, 90 days instant access

Tutor support available

CIMA P3 Study Resources

Select from a wide range of materials. We have here our own summaries of Kaplan study texts, we call them Summary notes. You can also go with the original Kaplan ebooks or BPP online resources. Access to PTA and BPP resources you will get immediately upon completing your purchase, however for Kaplan resources, they will grant you access on their own website. 

   Kaplan book summaries by chapter
   Emphasizing key learning points
   Prepared and illustrated by PTA

   Official P3 CIMA Study Materials
   Study book, exam kit and cards
   Up to 20% off display price

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The access request is forwarded to Kaplan instantly and it is actually up to them to give you the access. We can promise, that we've made a deal with Kaplan so the access should be given asap, typically within 72 hours.

   Latest Resources available here online
   Study ebook or exam kit
   Up to 20% off display price

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What our students say

Student feedback is what keeps us going here at the Academy and we are proud to share it with you. We have a proven track record of providing some of the highest quality materials available on the market today and our students' loyalty to us throughout their whole CIMA journey speaks volumes. For us and for them. Feel free to check out some of our testimonials, most of which you can find on public domains, such as TrustPilot. We are transparent and most importantly, we listen to our students… each and every one of them. Read what some of them had to say about us below:

Compare Our P3 Packages

Take a look at what products are in each of our P3 packages and compare them. Select the right package for your needs. You can always upgrade or purchase available add-ons later on if you need to.

Practice kit (600 questions pool)
Professional Mocks With Solutions 1 5 6 7
Detailed analysis of your results (charts)
Flashcards per chapter
Prerecorded lectures
10 additional end-of-chapter questions
Summary notes
Complete mock walkthrough video
Online access to Kaplan study text
200+ additional revision questions
Revision passcards
Email Course Reminders
Personal Tutor Guidance
5* Tutor Support
Pass Assurance, Money Back Guarantee

The risk is on us

CIMA E3 Strategic Management

There is literally no risk to you from the moment you register with us as a paid subscriber. We are confident that by taking the risk off your hands and offering you a money-back guarantee, you will see how confident we are in our product and how keen we are for you to try it. If you subscribe to any of our packages and realise it's not for you within 7 days, send us an email and we will request a refund for you immediately.


When you are a satisfied member of our community, you are also guaranteed under our Pass Assurance, meaning that in the rare case you should fail your exam while subscribed to our package, you will be entitled to an extension for the whole length of your subscription period. Just drop us a note at