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What is OCS all about

At the Operational level, the role simulated is that of an Entry level finance professional and the capstone Case Study Examination provides a simulated context, which allows candidates to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role

What is being examined

The Case Study Examination provides a simulated context which allows learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role. Those six core activities are:

  1. Prepare costing information for different purposes to meet the needs of management. 12-18% of syllabus weighting
  2. Prepare budget information and assess its use for planning and control purposes. 17-25% of syllabus weighting
  3. Analyse performance using financial and nonfinancial information. 17-25% of syllabus weighting. 12-18% of syllabus weighting
  4. Apply relevant financial reporting standards and corporate governance, ethical and tax principles.
  5. Prepare information to support short-term decision-making. 17-25% of syllabus weighting
  6. Prepare information to manage working capital. 7-13% of syllabus weighting

The core activities are linked to associated assessment outcomes expressed in terms of ‘I Can’ statements that speak directly to the skills and competencies that drive the employability of successful learners


5 Key Facts about the OCS exam


There are no calculations in the Case Study Exam

You've passed your E1, F1 and P1 exams already. OCS is a totally different type of "animal".

Technical knowledge of the theory from F1, P1 and E1 syllabi will be required

You need to masterise the key concepts and use them in your answers. We've prepared MCS Revisions to address that need.

The Pre-Seen will be released 7 weeks before the exam

And you need to know it inside out. The new "unseen" scenario will come up on the exam day, that will build on the previous pre-seen scenario.

A balanced answer script is your key to success

The exams are human marked... and no-one likes to read long essays. Make sure you input each significant thought in another paragraph and keep them short. It is all about the quality, not the quantity!

There is no escaping the keyboard!

Typing skills will surely help you pass your exam. Typing speed of 20 words per minute in general will be sufficient to produce a ‘good-sized’ answer.

What do you need to PASS your OCS exam?

There are 2 main steps:

CIMA OCS Operational Case Study

OCS Revisions

How do you start preparing for your upcoming Operational Case Study (OCS) exam? A typical student would start with revising the theory of E1, F1 and P1 papers. But how do you go about it? Like our tutor Pete says "you have already passed those OT exams" - now it is the time to review only the bits that could be useful for your Operational Case Study. Now it is the time to go through the theory and only concentrate on the topics, that you can use when you write your responses.

But which are those topics? Now this is where our video course comes handy! Our tutor, based on his enourmous experience with teaching Case Studies, has selected all the important pieces for you. Each video is between 47 mins to 1h 20 mins long. 

What's included in the course?

Have a look at the video that we've prepared for you. It covers the introduction to OCS.

OCS Revisions package consists of 3 videos:

  • E1 Revisions - which is the backbone of the OCS exam, covers all the important topics from the E1 (Managing finance in a digital world) paper. It lasts for 1h 19 mins.
  • F1 Revisions - covers topics from the F1 (Financial Reporting) paper and lasts for 46 mins.
  • P1 Revisions - covers topics from the final paper P1 (Management Accounting) and lasts for 53 mins.

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