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How to study for the OCS exam?

At the Operational level, you play the role of a finance officer.

The capstone Case Study Examination provides a simulated context allowing candidates to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset required for that role.

Our innovative study material covers:

  • Technical knowledge review
  • The complete current present analysis
  • Mocks and plenty of tasks for writing practice

Do check the video on the right side to learn how PTA can help you pass your Operational Case Study Exam in May/August 2022 using quality study material which includes practice questions (tasks), mocks and revision kits. Watch the first 3 mins to get an overview of OCS and our packages. The remaining 5 mins show you a detailed presentation of what's included in our packages (Study Material and Online Course).

What is being examined

The Case Study Examination provides a simulated context which allows learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role. Those six core activities are:

  1. Prepare costing information for different purposes to meet the needs of management (12-18%)
  2. Prepare budget information and assess its use for planning and control purposes (17-25%)
  3. Analyse performance using financial and nonfinancial information (17-25%)
  4. Apply relevant financial reporting standards and corporate governance, ethical and tax principles (12-18%)
  5. Prepare information to support short-term decision-making (17-25%)
  6. Prepare information to manage working capital (7-13%)

Each of those core activities includes sa called "I can statements". 

Examination approach
  • The examination lasts three hours. A 15-minute tutorial is available before the start of the examination to allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the test driver.
  • The examination has four sections (tasks), which are each 45-minutes long. All sections are equally weighted. Candidates may finish a section early and move on to the next but cannot return to previous sections in the time remaining.
  • There may be more than one sub-task within each section and an indication of how long to spend on each sub-task will be given to allow candidates to manage their time. If no weighting is given, then candidates should assume that the sub-tasks are equally weighted.
  • More than one core activity will normally be assessed in each section/task and the order of core activities and assessment outcomes in the blueprint does not reflect how these might be structured in the examination.
  • All core activities will be assessed in each form of the examination in line with the weightings. 
  • The examination requires constructed, written responses from candidates in the format of a range of business communications (for example, emails, memos, reports and briefing notes).


key facts
about the
OCS exam


There are no calculations in the case study exams.

You've passed your E1, F1 and P1 exams already. OCS is a totally different type of "animal".

Technical knowledge of the theory from F1, P1 and E1 syllabi will be required.

You need to masterise the key concepts and use them in your answers. We've prepared OCS Revisions to address that need.

A balanced answer script is your key to success.

The exams are human marked... and no-one likes to read long essays. Make sure you input each significant thought in another paragraph and keep them short. It is all about the quality, not the quantity!

The Pre-Seen will be available before the exam.

And you need to know it inside out. The new "unseen" information will come up on the exam day, that will build on the pre-seen scenario and you will need to use them in your answer.

There is no escaping the keyboard!

Typing skills will surely help you pass your exam. Typing speed of 20 words per minute in general will be sufficient to produce a ‘good-sized’ answer.

Our OCS Packages

- for May'22 - August'22 Exam Window 

Preseen and Industry Analysis Videos
Apply E1, P1, F1 to the Preseen Videos
Theory Revision Videos
Case Study Preparation Series
15 x Writing Practice Tasks
Professional Mocks With Solutions 3 5 6 7
Guided Learning
Email Course Reminders
Mock Exam Walkthrough
Professional Mock Marking Service 1 3 5
Online Group Webinar with Expert
Private 1to1 Tutor Lessons (30min) 3
Personal Tutor Guidance
5* Tutor Support
Pass Assurance, Money Back Guarantee


- outstanding quality- 

£25 / mock

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1, 2 or 3 high-standard mock exams

Solutions and marking guide included

Written by Case Study experts


- that makes a difference -

£45 / mock

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Professional mocks marking service

Notes from our Case Study Experts

2-3 days turnaround time


- revise OT knowledge like a pro -


3 revision videos covering E1, P1 and F1

Downloadable OCS summary notes

Created from Case Study perspective


Study & Exam Materials here

Our OCS Free Package comes with great features, plus instant access to the following materials:

Current Preseen

Current Preseen

Access to the selected current pre-seen materials and preparation videos, e.g. a deep dive into your role at the exam.

Mini Mock

Mini Mock

3 Practical Tasks with solutions, covering E1, P1 and F1 papers. All carefully prepared for the current OCS preseen.

Immediate access

Immediate access

Get instant and lifetime access to our newest OCS free materials.

Exam simulator

Exam simulator

Practise the above mini mock under exam conditions i.e. timed and using the similar word-processor, so you can improve your writing technique.

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