CIMA F1 - Financial Reporting and Taxation - detailed syllabus (2015)

CIMA F1 covers the regulation and preparation of financial statements and how the information contained in them can be used. The competencies gained from F1 form the basis for developing further insights into producing and analysing complex group accounts (covered in F2) and formulating and implementing financial strategy (covered in F3).

The aim of CIMA F1 paper is to:

  1. Provide the competencies required to produce financial statements for both individual entities and groups using appropriate international financial reporting standards.

  2. Give insight into how to effectively source and manage cash and working capital, which are essential for both the survival and success of organisations.

  3. Emphasize the basic principles and application of business taxation.

Below you can find the split per areas and the % of syllabus it covers

F1 syllabus