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The truth behind the pass rates for CIMA exams

CIMA has been running the new 2015 syllabus for 4 years, so I thought it is high time to have a deeper look at the exams pass rates. Yes, currently we have 2019 syllabus, but it is not that much different from 2015, so I thought it would make more sense to show you the full analysis for the last 5 years. Also, I will not bore you with a full statistical analysis, because that is not the point. As a CIMA student, you should understand the numbers and get some insights from them. So here it goes - the most recently released data is from July 2020.

How to Pass Management Case Study Exam

CIMA has taken a totally different approach towards Case Studies (CS) as opposed to the Objective Tests (OT) papers. I assume you know the differences since you are reading this article, but just to cover everything, let me just quickly give you an overview of how the exam is structured and what does it consist of.

What are your CIMA study options?

CIMA students are tested by means of objective test questions and case study exams throughout Certificate, Operational, Management and Strategic levels. This made me write this article to show you what are the different study methods that are available for you - CIMA students to successfully pass these challenging exams.

How to make your CIMA studies count

How to make your learning process more efficient? You need to pass your exams, but you should study for yourself, study to enhance your knowledge and not to just pass an exam. When you study in a way that you don’t just memorise, but you try to understand the gist of what you are reading, you will win both short and long-term.

5 Tips to Fuel Your Motivation to Study

Do you have problems to start studying for your upcoming CIMA exam? Do you find it super difficult to just sit down and start revising? There are many challenges and frustrations to overcome when studying for your exams and believe me I’ve been through them myself. I will show you here what are my personal tips to fuel your motivation to study.

7 easy steps to help you beat exam overwhelm

Have you ever experienced this anxiety feeling the closer you get to the CIMA exam day? I know I did. It is commonly believed that little stress can be good for your productivity and, to be honest, I agree with that. Deadlines always give us that extra push we need to do something.