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Top reasons why students want to pass their CIMA exams

What is your reason for studying CIMA? Here are the results of our survey (500 participants) including own words of your fellow students. Need inspiration? Here you can find plenty of it.

Set yourself for success in 2018

I guess you may be wondering - why are you writing such an article at the end of January? Fair question. Statistics show that many people come up with the New Year’s resolutions and by the 3rd week of January, most of them are already forgotten. So I think this is a perfect time for this article. 

Top 5 keys to MCS success [proven to actually work]

Are you aware what is the pass rate for the Management Case Study Exam? Do you also feel confused as to where to start and what can you do in order to maximise your MCS exam success?

The good news is – students actually pass it in the end, but it is a hard nut to crack. The case study exams are completely different from the objective test exams and there's a specific approach you can take in order to plan, organise, manage and finally succeed. There are certain things in case study exams that make a huge difference to what it takes to pass or fail.

How to Deliver a Powerful Presentation

How to deliver one that is interesting, engaging and passes a message you want to share? It is a part of a management accountant's job description (as a business partner). Learn a few tips and tricks that will help you move your presentation skills to an upper level.

The truth behind the pass rates for CIMA exams

CIMA has been running the new 2015 syllabus for 4 years, so I thought it is high time to have a deeper look at the exams pass rates. Yes, currently we have 2019 syllabus, but it is not that much different from 2015, so I thought it would make more sense to show you the full analysis for the last 5 years. Also, I will not bore you with a full statistical analysis, because that is not the point. As a CIMA student, you should understand the numbers and get some insights from them. So here it goes - the most recently released data is from July 2020.

How to Pass Management Case Study Exam

CIMA has taken a totally different approach towards Case Studies (CS) as opposed to the Objective Tests (OT) papers. I assume you know the differences since you are reading this article, but just to cover everything, let me just quickly give you an overview of how the exam is structured and what does it consist of.