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Smile & Win: CIMA Happiness Photo Contest winners

Practice Tests Academy has signed a cooperation agreement with Kaplan Publishing and organised a photo contest with high-quality CIMA products as a way to celebrate that. The contest took part in June and the gifts have already reached their lucky owners. We'd like to share its outcome with you.

Smile & Win: CIMA Happiness Photo Contest

Practice Tests Academy has signed a cooperation agreement with Kaplan Publishing. To celebrate this great achievement, we are organising a photo contest with a chance to win high-quality CIMA products valued at £400+

Announcement: PTA + Kaplan = better resources for you

PTA is now using and reselling Kaplan's materials. That means that you can get ooriginal kaplan study books directly from our website. We are also adding extra free mocks and interactive workbooks to our packages. This is a BIG milestone for us - to be assosciated with the big names in the education industry!

The basics of the Corporate Governance for the Management Accountants

This article is about Corporate Governance: why we need it, what exactly it is and what constitutes best practice.

Accounting for Hedges according to CIMA F3

Hedging is all about what we can do to try and remove or reduce the risk, that exposure to that global price movement. In accounting for hedges there are three types of hedges that you need to be aware of. 

NEW CIMA 2019 Syllabus Changes - What, Why and When

CIMA certification is changing yet again. Is it a good thing? I think so.  It shows that CIMA wants to be ahead of the curve - the leader in the management accounting profession. In this article you will discover what is changing, why and when.