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What Competencies Do Employers Look for in Global Management Accountants?

Today’s businesses operate in a fast-changing world full of volatility, uncertainty, turbulence and ambiguity. No one is assured of continuing business success because business conditions, profitability and competitiveness of even market leaders can change in an instance.

Why Employers Value CIMA Applicants

Employers expect CIMA qualified professionals to possess the skill sets needed to lead that change process, including technical, business, leadership and people skills. Employers are confident that CIMA professionals can help their organisations survive and thrive in the world of business due to the business responsive skill sets and knowledge that have been built into the CIMA syllabus over time.

Can You Use Personal Calculators For The CIMA Exam?

There are plenty of calculations you need to do during the exam, so what resources can you utilise? And although Pearson Vue provides an on-screen calculator during your exam (both certificate and professional levels), I DO agree that it is easier (and faster) to perform calculations on a machine that you are familiar with.

10 Things You Should Know About CIMA Students and Members Worldwide

How old are CIMA members and students? How many have degrees before beginning CIMA; and what type of degrees do they possess? What sectors do CIMA members and students work in? How many CIMAs are women? This article offers you 10 interesting statistics all CIMA members and students should know about, in order to make the best of their career options and career advancement potential.

Trends in the Accountancy Profession And Where CIMA Stands

What is going on in accountancy? From time to time, it’s good to explore how the changing trends can affect our decisions and career paths and prospects as management accountants and management accounting, or CIMA students.  Here are some key facts from the Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) June 2016 report on Key Facts and Trends in the Accountancy Profession that would interest CIMA students and members. 

How CIMA helps your career

"With CIMA certification, you are not just learning to be an accountant", says a lecturer for beginning CIMA students. "You are learning to manage accountants and other professionals. You are learning to be a leader.” He is right. The objective of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or CIMA is to produce competent and confident management accounting professionals who can guide and lead their organisations to sustainable success.