Top reasons why students want to pass their CIMA exams

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What is your reason for studying CIMA? Here are the results of our survey (500 participants) including own words of your fellow students. Need inspiration? Here you can find plenty of it.

Practice Tests Academy consists of a team of highly motivated professionals from all over the world who work tirelessly to inspiring and helping CIMA students pass their exams. PTA provides specially designed and unique quality practice materials. We have over 4 000 students from Ireland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, South Africa, Australia, Zambia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and the list goes on, which makes our Academy a true colourful and international institution.

When earlier this month we were publicly approved as an official CIMA Learning partner we wanted to celebrate the big achievement. It was such a long-awaited recognition! We wanted to share the good news with our students and hear excited shouts back! This is how we came up with the idea to organise the contest “500 reasons to win 500 CIMA questions” where the contestants had to submit their reasons “why do you want to pursue CIMA qualification?”. One of them would win a full OT practice kit of 500 Q&A.

During the contest we received so many interesting applications that in the end we decided to support not one, but two CIMA students in their pursuit of a better life and give away one full practice kit of 500 Q&A and one Mock exam.

Due to this contest, we discovered some interesting facts. People have plenty of reasons to commit their time and efforts to achieving a higher level of success. The motives may surprise some of you, or you can recognise yourself in them. But there is no surprise and the results of this contest confirm that CIMA students are not only highly motivated people, they are catalysts for change. 7% of the CIMA students want to help make their country and the world a better place. These professionals restored our faith in humanity and made us realise that accountancy goes far beyond numbers and solving business cases, it has the power to make the world a better place!

But that’s already too many words for an introduction! We are sure that you are impatient to read the answers from your fellow students. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave yours as a comment. We may pick up some of you? 😉

9% of our contestants wish to pass their CIMA exams because they believe it will make them proud of themselves.

“Hi, my name is Julie and this Year I am 50 years YOUNG, LOL. I have been a bookkeeper for 30 years, after losing my daughter in 2013 and my remaining child getting married I found myself lonely and bored. I have always wanted to study but family commitments made it difficult. For the first time in my life I have the time and the motivation to take my experience to a new level. I don’t know how far I will go and I am taking it one subject at a time, but I am proof you are never too Old to Learn. So wish me luck on my Journey.” – Julie Van Heerden 

4% – To get promotion

“To have an opportunity to qualify and get a promotion to Financial manager.” – Mantwa Makena

12% – To do good for their country or the world

“If i passed the exams, i can be a qualified M.A, thus i can do a good job for the world as well as i can upgrade my family’s standard of living.” – Mohamed Aslim

“Ideally, I want to pass CIMA so that I can successfully attain my dream of a competent and qualified accountant with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of the global world of business. Ultimately, it is also about fuilfing a career path and progression together coupled with Continuing professional development can see me contribute to the development and acceleration of the accounting profession in my country as we as earn a living and fortune for my family.” – Mwila Mfula

“Because i want to become a Management Consultant helping to start my family business and serve other companies as freelancer after gaining experience.” – Vivian Joseph Thomas

36% – To get business recognition or better career.

“To develop some form of critical knowledge and skills that employers are looking for and be ready to work in any business.” – Lucius Phillips

“CIMA qualifications will open new opportunities for me globally. CIMA studies give you opportunity to polish yourself it equips you with all the tools and skills required to become business leader. CIMA accountants with their qualifications can work anywhere in the world making them top management accountants.” – Abdul Rehman Ali Khan

“I want to pass my CIMA exams so that I can achieve my career aspirations that I can only achieve with a CIMA certification.” – Ray Young

“I was lucky enough to start an entry level management accountant role in May 2017. CIMA will help me build my career and provide great knowledge. My aim is to become a financial controller. (maybe even a CFO one day) Sky’s the limit :)” – Patsy Lee

“I want to become a CEO and that is why i decide to study accounts… to become a chartered and professional accountant leading to my goal as a CEO” – Ebineng Boemo Nkaelang

“I want to pass CIMA exams because it offers degree of worldwide recognition.” – Aindrila Biswas

“To advance my business management skills and use it for becoming best entrepreneur.” – Wajiha Batool

9% To have a better life

6% – To help the family

“I believe by passing I will be in a position to give my family a wonderful future.” – Louise Vockerodt

“When I pass my CIMA exams, I will be able to make a better life for my mom and I. I will be able to get a better job and be happy in what I do. But to pass, I need the help and practise questions can help me big time. I’m doing the home study option and it can be very difficult with working full time. I just want to pass so I can be happy once again and be proud of myself. For my family to be proud of me. I hope I win.”

Sonelle Mohanlall

2% want to make a family member happy

11% – To gain new skills

“CIMA qualification give me strong technical skills which help me to communicate with the different professional of accounts and finance and understand their level of knowledge easily.” – Imtiaz Ahmed

“I believe having a CIMA qualification will help me professionally in not just having a big reputation with the employers but also helps me constantly in learning new things, which is exciting. CIMA being a globally recognized qualification does make me more motivated to pass these exams as well.” – Narendran Sankaran

The lucky winners are: Clement Moonga who gets a full package and Onondje Bathsheba Ruth get a free Mock exam.

Clement Moonga: “I want to become a full qualified world class accountant and use my full qualification to service the world whenever my services is required.”

Onondje Bathsheba Ruth: “To become a professional in the area of management accountancy and also contribute my own quota to the field of accountancy in my country.”