Smile & Win: CIMA Happiness Photo Contest winners

Practice Tests Academy has signed a cooperation agreement with Kaplan Publishing. To celebrate the great achievement we organised a photo contest with high-quality CIMA products valued at £400+. The contest took part in June and the gifts have already reached their lucky owners.

The contest participants had to follow two simple steps in order to compete for the big prizes – to upload a photo of a smile and encourage colleagues and friends to vote for their entry.

When I was thinking in which direction PTA should develop, obviously I thought about the need of having resources that you can study from - a study book. It is a complementary resource to our packages. That is why I was so thrilled when we signed the agreement with Kaplan, that we can provide students with an all around studying experience. If you can get everything that you need in one place, it helps you achieve your success faster.

What is the value of this cooperation for our students?

As of May 2019, PTA is an official reseller of Kaplan materials. This gives our students the opportunity to get all study materials they need at one place – PTA’s interactive practice tests and Kaplan’s study books (electronic version or physical books) or Revision Cards.

Kaplan Publishing provides the only CIMA-approved study books reviewed by CIMA. This insight ensures that all of our CIMA resources are of the highest standard, taking quality to a different level.

  • For our existing students, you will gradually gain access to more materials as we update our packages, mocks and interactive workbooks prepared by Kaplan.
  • We are also about to distribute Kaplan’s books and we will offer all students a fantastic discount of up to 20% savings!

Why the contest?

The idea about the happiness contest, came up as a natural extension of our eagerness to share the big achievement. Happy for what we have achieved as a company, starting with an idea and a dream for helping students overcome their struggles and pass their CIMA exams.

With this giveaway, we get to share the joy of our achievements with our students at any level of their CIMA journey. If you are just starting with CIMA or feel stuck between studying and life these smiles are a little reminder of why you’ve started studying in first place. For the current students - to help them pass their CIMA exams and reduce the stress.

What were the awards?

1st prize:  1 year access to PTA’s video course (600+ Q&A) + Kaplan study ebook with revision cards, value £246

This award provides any CIMA student with a complete package of practice materials that one can need in order to prepare for a CIMA exam.

2nd prize:  1 year access to PTA's practice kit (500+ Q&A) + Kaplan study ebook with Revision Cards, value £93

3rd prize: 1 year access to PTA single mock + Kaplan study ebook with Revision cards, value £50

Who are the lucky winners?


1st prize: Tane Enslin gets 1 year access to PTA’s video course (600+ Q&A) + Kaplan study ebook with revision cards, value £246
2nd prize: Charmain Rabie gets 1 year access to PTA's practice kit (500+ Q&A) + Kaplan study ebook with Revision Cards, value £93
3rd prize: Ian Dix gets 1 year access to PTA single mock + Kaplan study ebook with Revision cards, value £50

See all contest participants here >


From the contest:

We have received dosens of entries from all over the world. Some approached the task with a sense of humour and had a lot of fun, such as Michelle Callaghan, who chose the Lord of the Rings’ character Gollum to describe how her happy face would look like when passing a CIMA exam. Good move, which gave her 100 votes and many smiles behinds the desks :)

Others shared their HAPPINESS:

“A smile, a universal language to all. SMILE. SHARE THE HAPPINESS” - Gaofenngwe Mahupe

This photo was taken the evening of passing my first exam! Many more to go; but feeling determined and would love to win this prize ?” - Emily Stephens

“Happiness is not more than loving what you do. Study, learn, grow, inspire and be be who you have ever dreamed of becoming. #LiveLifeToTheFullest.” - Abishy Mbilika


C'mon you can do it!” - Ian Dix – one of our contest winners shares his photo with an encouraging message.

“It's not easy but seeing that pass makes you happy and gets you going” - Banji Moono

Crunching my numbers with a smile” - Otshepheng Christinah Ntshole

“Still trying to study and make p2 work but I study with a smile on my face because I know winners do not quit no matter how many times they might fall. The day I pass p2 will have lots of smiles. Hope I win so I get p2 materials.” - Maimbolwa Sitwala


No matter the approach, the reality is – CIMA is a hard nut to crack. But keeping it positive can make a difference and help you pass.


Why sharing CIMA happiness is important?

  • Self-motivation factor - the little push you needed
  • Accountancy can be fun, not this industry everyone is making fun about
  • Share emotion and tell a story. Because stories are what motivate us to keep going
  • Emphasise on people’s passion for CIMA
What is the next contest you’d like to see here?

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