How to balance work, life, and studying

By  •  Updated: 11/15/22 •  3 min read
How to balance work,life and study?

Productivity hacks by a CIMA expert

We get this question a lot from our students – how can we prepare for the CIMA exam? How to find the time and motivation? Most of you work full time, perhaps you have a family and on top of that you try to study. That is very noble… and you should be praised for your efforts… but sometimes it feels like Mission Impossible.

How to juggle your work, life and studying? This video addresses this issue. PTA’s most experienced CIMA tutor shares his point of view, his own experience and some tricks that his students have shared with him over the past few years.

I believe it is always better to learn from others, so you can avoid the painful mistakes. I can assure you that after watching this video, you will feel more motivated and energised.

Let’s hop right into it!

I like the metaphor of rocks and sand that Pete is using. It is so true – if you do not make any long-term plans, you tend to fill your day with activities that do not bring that much added value. I know I do that very often! I am always busy because there are always some things to do. But frankly speaking – if we were to do all of that stuff, even if we didn’t sleep, we still wouldn’t be able to complete all of that!

Personally I started this exercise:

This is something that works on me – you should also figure out what works on you so that by the end of the working day – you feel accomplished.