Can You Use Personal Calculators For The CIMA Exam?

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There are plenty of calculations you need to do during the exam, so what resources can you utilise? And although Pearson Vue provides an on-screen calculator during your exam (both certificate and professional levels), I DO agree that it is easier (and faster) to perform calculations on a machine that you are familiar with.

Newly registered CIMA exam candidates often wonder – ‘does CIMA allow the use of personal calculators during the exam’? CIMA officials have addressed this situation and announced in this excerpt that YES, they are generally allowed…Long story short, you can bring your own calculator, but it has to be a non-programmable one from a pre-approved list (shown below for your convenience).

What are CIMA approved calculators?

All the calculators from the pre-approved list are not programmable, so no candidate will be able to take advantage of any unfair means.

The exam administrator will check the calculator to see if it matches with the model from the pre-approved list. Therefore, they may reset the function of the calculators before the exam.

CIMA Calculator Guidance -2021

ONE TIP – I would suggest that you print out CIMA’s official guide just in case before the exam so you have it with you. I read on different FB CIMA groups, that few students had this issue with the Pearson Vue office – they were not allowed to bring in their personal calculators, even if they were from the pre-approved calculators’ list. That happened last year and those were rare cases, however just to be on the safe side, better to take the guideline with you. Once again, here it is: using a calculator in the CIMA exams guideline.

I believe it is always easier to use your own calculator, but you also have an on-screen calculator available to you in case.  By using ‘Question Tutorials hosted by Pearson VUE,’ the exam candidates can practice the exam questions and try out the on-screen calculator before the big day. You can also download a tutorial to make sure they are familiar with the application of on-screen calculator.

This is where you open a free account at Pearson Vue in order to see how the real exam will look like:

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