Announcement: PTA + Kaplan = better resources for you

Announcement: PTA + Kaplan = better resources for you

We have to share some really great news with you! PTA has just signed an agreement with Kaplan Publishing!


I wanted to let you know first, as without you, this will have never happened! So a BIG THANK YOU for sticking with us!

Why the cooperation?

Practice Tests Academy is already a CIMA Registered Tuition Provider.  Our main goal is to help you pass your CIMA exam and we want to do that by providing you the best quality materials. We've already been recognised and appreciated by our students. But for me, it is a journey and I want to improve PTA's offering whenever I have the chance. I have already added few tutors who answer your questions on website of FB forums (which is rather a novelty on the market), but I don't want to stop at this. I want to do more for you.

So when I was thinking in which direction PTA should develop, I figured that being able to offer official CIMA approved study books to complement our mocks, practice kits and video courses would be adding a great value to your CIMA studies.

What does this PTA-Kaplan Cooperation mean to you?

There are few points here:

1. Get Kaplan's books directly from our website and at discount price!

We've managed to negotiate a nice discount with Kaplan and we decided that we will share that with you. We've cut the displayed online prices by almost 20%

On every paper's page, you will see those resources added here:


2. Extra Kaplan's resources added to our packages


Single Mocks

If you have purchased a single mock from our site, we will add a bonus mock made by Kaplan. Those are not the same mocks as you can find in their Revision Kits.

There will be available to you within the next 2-3 weeks (today is 28.05.2019) and in order to unlock them, you will have to complete a simple action. 

Practice Kits & Video Courses

Here we are going to add an extra mock (or even 2 for the whole professional level!) and Interactive Workbook.

Just to recap: we will be adding:

for the Professional level (from E1 to P3) 2 extra mocks, for the BA level - 1 extra mock written by Kaplan.

Interactive Workbook is a summary of the whole Kaplan Study Book, with extra questions per chapter, extra space for your own notes and extra 50 mock-like questions.

Overall each professional Level Practice Kit will offer overall 800 practice questions! (BA level - the number should reach 700 Q&A!).

It is a lot of work for us. We will work as fast as possible to provide all that to you as soon as possible, so please  be patient.  

3. More Video Content coming up

My goal is to provide you with the best possible material so you feel consident before your exams. I plan to create more video courses based ont eh materiasl that Kaplan has provided to us. 

I will do my best to have all the professional level courses for the 2019 syllabus around the new syllabus go-live date (04.11.2019). 

4. Technical changes to our site: Add to Cart option

We are implementing shopping cart functionality and, as you can expect, for a site with so many products, it has been a challenge!

We need 1 more week to migrate everything. After that time, you will be able to get packages at the same time. 

As always when we announce a big milestone, we want to CELEBRATE it with you! Look out for an email from me on Monday 03.06.2019!

If you are as excited about those news as we are, please leave a comment below.

Let us know your thoughts! And share it with your friends, who could also benefit from the additional resources.

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