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How to Pass Management Case Study Exam

CIMA has taken a totally different approach towards CIMA Case Studies (CS) as opposed to the Objective Tests (OT) papers. I assume you know the differences since you are reading this article, but just to cover everything, let me just quickly give you an overview of how the exam is structured and what does it consist of.

Top 5 keys to MCS success [proven to actually work]

Are you aware what is the pass rate for the Management Case Study Exam? Do you also feel confused as to where to start and what can you do in order to maximise your MCS exam success?

New to the OCS? Here’s what you should know

Operational Case Study exam (OCS), is a 3 hour test of your E1, P1 and F1 knowledge application. It can be described as a “role simulation” and reflects what happens in the real world. In this article you will learn everything that you need to know about the OCS before you sign up for the exam.  If you are new to the OCS, this is the place to start.

The CIMA exam student WALL of tips

In 09/2020 we asked our Community for feedback based on their own personal experience with us and overall with CIMA studying. To our surprise, we found that this opportunity had been embraced by so many of you! Here are some interesting facts and pieces of advice from your fellow CIMA students. 

How to balance work, life, and studying

How to juggle your work, life and studying? This video addresses this issue. PTA's most experienced CIMA tutor shares his point of view, his own experience and some tricks that his students have shared with him over the past few years.

Smile & Win: CIMA Happiness Photo Contest winners

Practice Tests Academy has signed a cooperation agreement with Kaplan Publishing and organised a photo contest with high-quality CIMA products as a way to celebrate that. The contest took part in June and the gifts have already reached their lucky owners. We'd like to share its outcome with you.